Forspoken – 11 Things You Need To Know BEFORE YOU PURCHASE

The developer has saved up the rollout of recent particulars on Forspoken within the lead as much as its launch for PS5 and PC on January 24, with extra contemporary info rising on the upcoming open world motion RPG at a reasonably constant charge.

We have, in fact, lined these particulars extensively right here at GamingBolt, however there’s nonetheless loads to speak about. To that finish, right here, as we rely the times all the way down to Forspoken’s launch, we’ll go over a couple of key particulars that you need to know in regards to the recreation.


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  1. This game is not an rpg, but it's a pure open world action game just like ghost of tsushima. There's no physical weapon, no armor pick up & no actuall stats (1234 hp, 567 mp, str, defense, agility, etc….) 🤔.

  2. Now that they added button mapping the game is 1000 times better, whoever came up with the original button mapping was an idiot. It's a buy for me now. Tried it with mapping the 2 main attacks to square and triangle. This is the way.

  3. Im seeing some red flags here. . . too many "it looks like" to little "it has" , waiting for some ppl to get a preview copy or something and release some type of preview of the actual ggame before i buy this….if square doesnt do that then it can be a buy for me , but no preorder.

  4. I'll just wait for it to hit PSN+. The game doesn't look interesting to me and this is the genre I play the most nowadays. The world looks empty and the protagonist sounds annoying.

  5. The demo left me very underwhelmed. Running around a field and throwing magic bolts at random deer just didn't do anything for me. The over abundant cringe dialogue certainly didn't help things either. I will be picking up the Dead Space remake this month instead of Forspoken.

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