Forever Skies – Official The Research Station Gameplay Trailer

Watch the trailer for a deep dive into The Research Station, an improve system that unlocks extra superior applied sciences wanted to outlive the cruel world of Forever Skies, an upcoming first-person, sci-fi survival sport.

Forever Skies will likely be coming to Steam Early Access in 2023 and later to consoles.

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  1. Waiting for one of these style of games to step up and make it multi player.

    Each persons game should have a unique ID: <user:8s34r8z> Where I'm able to attack other peoples bases via Events. Be it storms, drought, bed bugs, swarms of attacks. All triggered by other players. Meaning the only negative events you get are player sent. More you attack, the more points you get to do other things. Form alliances to counter attack. Defend off the attack and get all their points spent on attacking you to counter attack at no cost to you. Build up for stronger attacks and defense.

    General concept, subject to a lot of tweaking but the idea is player triggered negative events that CAN destroy your base so be ready for each attack as you level up.

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