Firearms Expert’s FAVORITE Weapons Of 2022

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons skilled and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries, breaks down a few of his favourite weapons from the previous yr, together with DOOM Eternal’s iconic Super Shotgun, Sniper Elite 5’s SREM rifle, and Hunt: Showdown’s C96 Mauser pistol.

00:00 – Intro
00:57 – C96 Mauser – Hunt: Showdown
02:08 – Storm Cannon – Foxhole
03:45 – Mannlicher M95 – Isonzo
05:56 – Super Shotgun – DOOM Eternal
07:54 – Pulverizer – Killing Floor 2
09:43 – SREM – Sniper Elite 5
12:49 – Heavy Stubber – Darktide
15:30 – Gyrojet HMG (Mod) – Fallout 4
18:36 – Milkor Grenade Launcher – Escape From Tarkov
21:52 – Skippy – Cyberpunk 2077
25:02 – Ending

In the newest video within the Firearm Expert Reacts sequence, Jonathan Ferguson–a weapons skilled and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries–breaks down a few of his favorite firearms that he’s seen throughout 2022.

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  1. Now now the gyrojet worked! The ammunition was an utter failure as it destabilized almost immediately after leaving the weapon. If they could have made one that could hit the broad side of a barn it would have been super successful. Watching videos of it (the real ones like you are holding) are fun in a pathetic sort of way.

  2. This is Jonathan Ferguson, the keeper of firearms and artillery at the Royal Armouries Museum in the UK, which houses a collection of thousands of iconic weapons from throughout history. And on today's episode, we're taking a journey down memory lane to check out some of Jonathan's favorite weapons from 2022.

  3. 20:08 someone in my platoon intentionally shot himself in the head with a 40mm flare from a M203. His jaw had to be wired shut and he lost sight in one eye, but he walked onto the medevac bird. No idea if an HE round would have been much different.

  4. Y'know, this time of year is actually really hard for me; a lot of different factors synergise to really push on my depression issues. But – watching Jonathan have fun here is infectious. I've seen all the videos these clips came from, but stringing them all together and ending with his joy with Skippy has improved my mood a *lot*. Thanks to everyone involved!

  5. While maybe not giving as much visually, I would still love to see Jonathan cover the weapons from Brigador. You get some marvelously detailed descriptions and even though there are some pretty "out there" scifi stuff, there are a number of real-world weapons that show up as well, such as the Browning M2, GAU-8 Avenger, MG42, etc…

  6. Seeing this and being reminded of Killing Floor 2, we definitely need more footage of it.
    Especially showcasing the difference between standard reloads and Perk reloads, as they are what the game refers to as "tactical reloads", which are quicker(Definitely best shown in Zed Time).
    Stuff like the HZ12(double-barreled pump-action shotgun), Jonathan's favorite rifle the Mkb.42, and showcasing the mainline Medic guns, how they are all based on the same chassis.
    And why not the MGL as well, to compare to Tarkov's depiction?

  7. There's a yt channel called i did a thing that built a hammer that uses bullets to drive a nail through just about anything, it's kinda similiar to the sledge in that game.

  8. A few things for next year I’d like to see:

    Get The Jonathan to play VR games so he can understand why VR weapons work the way they do. His commentary is useful because he’s played video games and understands the need for balance. Getting him to feel how awkward it is to use two handed weapons in VR and see why so many games “suction” the magazine in I think would make his commentary better.

    I’d also like to see him review the guns of Half-Life, especially the guns of Alyx, as you get some really weird/unique expanded magazine upgrades in that game.

    I’d also like to see him review Depth. Underwater combat isn’t something he talks about often, but seeing the unique weapons in there would be a nice change of pace from the same AR and AK over and over again.

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