Firearms Expert Reacts To Half-Life Franchise Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons knowledgeable and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of the Half-Life franchise, together with the enduring Rocket Launcher, the Combine Shotgun from Half-Life: Alyx, and a hybrid MP5/Grenade Launcher weapon system.

00:00 – Opening
00:40 – Glock (Half-Life)
02:16 – Glock (Black Mesa)
03:07 – H&Okay USP Match (Half-Life 2)
04:16 – Shotgun (Half-Life)
06:10 – Shotgun (Black Mesa)
07:14 – Crossbow (Half-Life)
08:31 – Crossbow (Black Mesa)
09:18 – Crossbow (Half-Life 2)
10:09 – Magnum (Half-Life)
11:28 – Magnum (Black Mesa)
13:57 – Magnum (Half-Life 2)
14:36 – MP5 with Grenade Launcher (Half-Life)
16:30 – MP5 with Grenade Launcher (Black Mesa)
17:50 – MP7 with Grenade Launcher (Half-Life 2)
19:00 – Rocket Launcher (Half-Life)
20:04 – Rocket Launcher (Black Mesa)
20:37 – Rocket Launcher (Half-Life 2)
21:28 – The Hivehand (Half-Life)
22:05 – Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle (Half-Life 2)
23:11 – Pistol (Half-Life: Alyx)
24:15 – Combine Shotgun (Half-Life: Alyx)
25:36 – Ending

In the newest video within the Firearm Expert Reacts sequence, Jonathan Ferguson–a weapons knowledgeable and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries–breaks down the weapons of the Half-Life franchise and compares them to their potential real-life counterparts.

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  1. I think I watched some theorizer break down the Combine assault rifle like this: The primary shot is some kind of radioactive chunk that dispels focused energy when it's struck until that energy is depleted, then the back of it is so big and clunky because it's housing all the tech that produces the secondary singularity ball thing. Honestly it's probably my favorite fully fictional gun from a game because it's just so bizarre and it really gives a feeling that yes, the combine are alien, they developed weapons in a completely different way than humans did. So many games just give the aliens like spacified guns that have all the same design principles as human guns do.

  2. I once heard someone claimed to have known a US tanker who carried an MP7A2 with an underbarreled M320. The logic behind this was that if the operator had to abandon their vehicle, they had a PDW at the ready capable of launching a smoke grenade to conceal their retreat.

  3. He didn't comment on the fact that the first person model of the MP5 in Half-Life 1 is depicted as an MP5SD, but it clearly firing unsuppressed shots. And to anyone who might say that it's just running supersonic ammunition, I would suggest you look into the way the integral suppressor on the MP5SD works. It starts tapping off gas immediately after the breech, and is so effective that even supersonic ammunition leaves the gun at subsonic speeds.

  4. @18:00, never played HL2? No problem, there just a couple things to know:
    We don't go to ravenholm.
    Watch out for the hoppers.
    Lazlo is the finest mind of a generation.
    Nobody Thought that the airboat chapter was too long.
    And finally; maybe most important: "Wake up Mr. Ferguson…. Wake up and smell the ashes"

  5. The idea that the hl shotgun is supposed to be shooting out of the bottom “barrel” is a popular fan theory, but it seems like the animation only has one flash. I think it’s more likely that they just assumed you could shoot two shells out of one barrel at the same time

  6. I always assumed that the half life 2 pistol was just standard issue for the combine or something. Neat to know it's modeled after a real world pistol because I thought it was just some kind of futurized glock.

  7. Surprised he didn't also look at the changes and additions made with the Opposing Force and Blue Shift expansions – the pistol becoming a 92F, the MP5 becoming an M4 (in 9mm…), inclusion of the Desert Eagle and M249…

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