Firearms Expert Reacts To Call of Duty: Warzone’s Guns PART 2

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons professional and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries, breaks down extra of the weaponry of Call of Duty: Warzone, together with the hideous Burger Town Classic, the knife/pistol hybrid, the Valois Revolver, and a disgusting pink-hued P90.

00:00 – Opening
00:39 – AN-94
02:38 – Armaguerra 43
04:16 – Cooper Carbine
05:22 – LW3 – Tundra
06:45 – Casanova
07:53 – Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle
09:15 – Itra Burst
10:52 – C58
12:05 – EX1 Laser Gun
13:13 – Burger Town Classic
14:37 – FFAR 1
15:43 – FN Scar 17
17:24 – Valois Revolver
18:26 – Whitley
18:21 – Ending

In the most recent video within the Firearm Expert Reacts sequence, Jonathan Ferguson–a weapons professional and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries–breaks down the weapons of Call of Duty: Warzone and compares them to their real-life counterparts.

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  1. 9:15
    It's hella weird seeing a gun version from a country that doesn't have an army (Costa Rica), it's actually pretty cool to see these kind of variety in weapons instead of having the same version in every other game.

  2. Since the bolt goes forward in an open bolt weapon every time the trigger is pressed, wouldn't it be sent back and stayed there if the user stopped at exactly the last round, or will it stay forward?

  3. Feel like Jonathan was particularly savage in this episode. Love to see him not hold any punches when it comes to game designers fudging weapon styles like COD seems to have done in this episode

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