Firearms Expert Reacts To Bonelab’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons skilled and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries, breaks down extra of the weaponry of Bonelab, together with the Benelli M4 shotgun being utilized in tandem with a protect, and AKM getting used as a membership, in addition to the M1 Garand, and a Micro-Uzi.

00:00 – Opening
00:51 – AKM
04:07 – Using an AK as a membership
04:59 – Skeleton utilizing a Remington 870
06:29 – Micro-Uzi
07:31 – M1 Garand
09:05 – AR15
11:23 – KRISS Vector-
12:40 – Ruger Mk III
14:07 – Benelli M4 Shotgun
16:11 – Shotgun & Shield
24:48 – Ending

In the most recent video within the Firearm Expert Reacts collection, Jonathan Ferguson–a weapons skilled and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery on the Royal Armouries–breaks down the weapons of Bonelab and compares them to their potential real-life counterparts.

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  1. fun fact: when the only rifle in H3VR was an M4, it was set up that if you rode the charging handle forward, the gun wouldn't work until you hit the forward assist. This was changed and any attempt at modeling malfunctions were dropped after players assumed it was a bug that their gun wouldn't shoot.

  2. 4:40 well there usually a few game whit at least some fire arms having the secoundary fire been to switch or make a melee attack.
    like in perfect dark the pistol whiping, Medel of Honor Rissing sun all weapons (or at least almost all of them) had a melee attack.
    and I swear there was a HL1 mod where the melee weapon was just the last weapon in but stock smacking mode.

  3. Please Jonathan, we all know that playing with guns is exactly what you're doing the moment those cameras are off. But if you couldn't play with the collection, what would be the point of being the Keeper?

  4. More H3VR would be very good, there are so many small but realistic and VR-only mechanics in the game that I think Jonathan would like. There are also some very impressive H3VR mods (modulAR and modulAK where you can build your own AR/AK etc. are great examples)

  5. Would love to see an episode on bulletstorm. A great little underrated sci-fi game which models a lot of it's weapons after real life ones. But very over the top and powered up versions of them essentially. Revolvers, shotguns, assault rifles. It has everything.

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