Fire Emblem Engage: The Final Preview

We took a closing take a look at Fire Emblem Engage forward of its January 20 launch date for Nintendo Switch and located a loving tribute to nonexistent nostalgia. Previewed by Kalani Newman.

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  1. "fan are supposed to rejoice at characters only released in Japan"
    A very ethnocentric worldview.
    The game is not going to ignore its Japanese fanbase, or treat them like they are number two on the list of priorities.

  2. "Intelligent Systems might be too reliant on nostalgia".
    Completely fails to either realise or acknowledge Fire Emblem Engage is meant to be a 30th anniversary game.

  3. Have to say, this game looks amazing!!! Also the guy narrating this video needs to know his fan base, the people who care about this game are not only morons who only played 3 houses because that one’s easy and Nintendo pushed it enough, most people hyped for this are die hard longtime fans who are so excited for bringing back amazing characters like Celica and Lyn, not just the ones in smash

  4. The worry about western fans having no nostalgia for the returning characters makes no sense because the only games the west are missing in any form now are 3,4,5 and 6 with the third game like the first also being represented by Marth and the sixth by Roy who most western fans should know already,
    The only characters some here might not know are Sigurd and Lief.

  5. You seemed to miss the point of the "nostalgia." Its not actually meant to be nostalgia. Its meant to be appealing to the FE heroes audience and get them over to the the switch. Way more people play heroes than the mainline games.

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