Final Fantasy 16 Preview

If Final Fantasy is an motion franchise now, at the very least it is shaping as much as be a rattling good one.
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For greater than a decade, Final Fantasy has been progressively shedding components of its turn-based RPG roots and embracing a extra action-oriented course. It was solely a matter of time earlier than that target motion took priority over the role-playing parts, and it seems that Final Fantasy XVI is lastly the second the ratio has flipped.


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  3. After watching this hands on preview, we as players can't wait to play it ourselves. I can't believe this game is around the corner now after a few years of waiting

  4. Linear is better, tbh. The PSX entries are fairly linear. There's too much fuss over open world when it's rarely done well. I just want towns please. And hopefully it's not quite as melodramatic as all this preview content is making it seem. People forget how goofy FF6, 7, 9, and 12 can be and those are the best stories and games in the series.

  5. Are you sure you were supposed to spoil that Joshua dies? I've been following this game thoroughly and I didn't know that. Better check that NDA again and thanx for ruining my day, I had a whole lore theory regarding Joshua and you just shat on my dinner.

  6. When people say they're skeptical because they like "traditional" FF I immediately switch off. If you aren't open to change and progression then you shouldn't be a gaming journalist. End of

  7. I also want to point out that I love Yoshi-P efforts to have people be overwhelmingly excited for 16 and that excitement carry on to an eventual 17. That is why he want to evolve the series and the JRPG genre, so both are not beholden by a fix preconceived notions or elements (such as the turn based combat).

    A little bit of context to explain my comment:

    The original Final Fantasy was basically an adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons, using almost the exact same combat as D&D, which became a staple of FF. Having a party with an ensemble cast with different classes, abilities and backstories is not something unlike the parties of D&D either.

    So after experimenting with many titles and making risk with every and each one of them, Yoshi-P and his team are making an RPG like nothing before has happen in the history of the franchise. I think Yoshi-P has the right idea if he’s the one to bring FF to the mainstream again like it was in 80’s through the early 00’s.

    Because at the end of the day Final Fantasy has and it always have been, an IP that reinvents itself each game.

  8. The assist rings are not elegant or smart… They're limiting people with disabilities ability to play the game unnecessarily… Why should you be punished for having a disability? A simple menu option to enable the one button combat or not would be much more elegant for people with disabilities.

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