‘Final Fantasy 16’ not turn-based to appeal to younger players

The producer of Final Fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshida, has confirmed the explanation for the sport’s lack of turn-based fight, saying it’s to appeal to a younger viewers.

Speaking to Famitsu, translated by VGC, Yoshida defined that the event staff had to “reassess” the Final Fantasy viewers, implying it wanted to take into consideration the younger players.

“I’m from a generation that grew up with command and turn-based RPGs,” Yoshida mentioned. “I feel I perceive how fascinating and immersive it may be.

“On the other hand, for the past decade or so, I’ve seen quite a number of opinions saying ‘I don’t understand the attraction of selecting commands in video games’. This opinion is only increasing, particularly with younger audiences who do not typically play RPGs.”

Final Fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16. Credit: Square Enix

In the identical interview, the developer defined that console expertise has superior to permit complicated real-time fight, transferring away from basic turn-based.

“It’s now common for gamers younger than me to love such games,” he mentioned. “As a consequence, it appears that evidently it does not make sense to undergo a command immediate, similar to ‘Battle’, to decide throughout a battle.

“This is not an argument of what is good or bad, but there is a difference based on the player’s preferences and age. Furthermore, there is a big difference between a command system and a turn-based system, and these are often conflated, but are two different concepts.”

Final Fantasy 16 is ready to launch in summer time 2023 for PS5. In the preliminary reveal trailer, PC was additionally listed as a platform however the web site doesn’t characteristic a PC branding. Square Enix hasn’t confirmed if it should arrive on the platform at a later time. In the meantime right here’s every little thing we all know up to now about Final  Fantasy 16, together with plot, characters, gameplay, and extra.

In different information, Sony has introduced PlayStation Stars, a brand new loyalty program for players that may reward members for finishing sure actions.

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