Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Review – The Final Verdict

Don’t get me fallacious, FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse remains to be a recreation that I’d advocate to followers of the horror style, and particularly to followers of the collection. Those in search of good scares and palpable environment will discover them in abundance right here, and the truth that that is the primary time the sport has launched within the West can also be vital, making it a lot simpler to advocate for individuals who have not performed it.

But above all else, what this remaster proves most by its deficiencies is {that a} new, fashionable Fatal Frame recreation that irons out the clunkiness and hones in on the collection’ greatest strengths may simply go toe to toe with the style’s greatest giants. Hopefully, Koei Tecmo will discover sufficient success with its latest Fatal Frame re-releases that it decides that it is lastly time to develop a full-fledged new entry within the collection. Until that occurs although, this can do properly sufficient.


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  1. Well, I would've bought the game, even if it still looked 1:1 like the Wii-Version. So, the visual upgrade is just another reason for me to buy it ^^ Oh and the hopfully now corrected glitch, that prevented you from completing the ghost list

  2. My late brother put the fan translated version on the Wii that I still use. Very emotional that it has officially been translated and released here in the States. Thank you, brother. For letting me playing my favorite entry in my favorite series. ❤️

  3. my biggest issue with this game is that they were too cheap and lazy to do an english dub to keep it aligned with the rest of the series. I'll probably be waiting for a sale before grabbing it.

  4. As a long time fan of FF fan,. I was happy when I saw fatal frame MOBW for pc last year, downloaded it, and got a trash game. From the controls, "combat", graphics,…sound design was ok, but repetitive.
    And as the looks of it, this one seems like a stinker.

  5. my first experience with this series was on the ps2 and since I have been playing through every single one of them. I even played the ones on the xbox. Now, bring Fatal Frame 2 remake AKA Project Zero 2 to the States and I can finally finalize my runs.

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