Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds DLC – First 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Check out the primary quarter-hour of Far Cry 6’s Lost Between Worlds DLC. The new enlargement takes Dani Rojas to an otherwordly dimension stuffed with fractured worlds known as rifts. Each rift accommodates a twisted space from Yara, teeming with harmful enemies and surprises. Get a take a look at what’s in retailer within the opening moments of the brand new Far Cry 6 DLC on this Lost Between Worlds gameplay.

The Lost Between Worlds DLC shall be out there from December 6 as a standalone add-on buy and as a part of Far Cry 6’s Upgrade Pass. The enlargement shall be out there on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Luna, and it is included within the Ubisoft+ subscription.

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  1. Глядя на это убожество хочется цитировать дядю Джуниора из клана сопрано с его "какая ж это всё херня, какой блять в этом смысл"

  2. Man imagine if they made this dlc about fighting aliens with sci-guns and upgrading with a mix of earth tech and alien tech. I'd have bought the game to play that. Instead they made it fighting crystal people with crystal guns…lame

  3. Instead of adding Guns For Hire system which Far Cry 6 desperately needs to make it less boring – Ubisoft made this?! Really? Another dimension DLC? After we got 3 villian DLCs – each of them is taking place in another dimension? After Strangers Things event DLC which takes place also in another dimension? Really?! Subtitle "A Ubisoft Original" looks like a bad joke because there is nothing original in this addon.

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