• Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers, titled Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc, will premiere on October 3rd and adapt the manga’s fifth story arc.
  • The season will cover the conflict between the Tokyo Manji Gang and a rival faction called Yokohama Tenjiku.
  • The season will explore Kisaki’s desire to destroy the Tokyo Manji Gang and his manipulation of Izana, as well as Mikey’s drastic character change and Takemichi’s confrontations from his past.



With the release of a second trailer, Liden Films has officially confirmed the release date for Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers, titled Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc. Set to premier on October 3rd, this season is expected to adapt the manga’s fifth story arc, covering the conflict between the Tokyo Manji Gang and a new rival faction in the form of Yokohama Tenjiku. It continues the story from Season 2 which finished airing earlier this year in April, adapting the Christmas Showdown Arc from the manga.

In the current context of seasonal anime, the series’ rapid production schedule is an impressive feat, where new releases for many major titles often take years to see the light of day. However, with manga having concluded towards the end of last year, it only makes sense that the studio is attempting to capitalize on the hype surrounding the series, since all the content from Ken Wakui’s manga is now ready to adapt. At present, there has been no confirmation regarding the total episode count for this season, which will be covering the single longest arc from the manga, coming in at 66 chapters.

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Enter Yokohama Tenjiku

Izana Mikey Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Key Visual-2

Seaon 3 will pick up after the conclusion of Toman’s fight against the 10th Generation Black Dragon, culminating in the defeat of its leader Taiju Shiba. This confrontation also exposed Kisaki Tetta’s scheming ways, and he was swiftly expelled and banned from the Tokyo Manji Gang by none other than Mikey himself. On returning to the present, Takemichi discovered a new future where Mikey is a wanted man for the murders of all of Toman’s higher ups.

This led him to seek out and come face to face with his old friend — an encounter that led to Mikey’s death at the hands of Naoto, as the former leader of Toman threatened Takemichi while repenting his sins, and begged him to take his life to put an end to the mess he had created. After journeying back to the past, Takemichi resolved to get stronger and take over the Tokyo Manji Gang from Mikey, to prevent him from succumbing to a path of violence. Not long after, his division — which included Chifuyu and the remaining members of the Mizo Middle Five — was confronted by a cohort from Tenjiku, who started a fight with them, until the arrival of Kisaki.

The exiled former member of Toman, and Takemichi’s nemesis proceeded to announce the start of the Kanto Incident, where Yokohoma-based Tenjiku and Tokyo-based Toman will now go up against one another for supremacy within the region. Little has been shown about the origins and true intentions of Tenjiku in the anime so far, apart from the fact that it is led by Izana Kurokawa, who seems to have some connection to Mikey. In the trailer, there are allusions to Mikey, Emma, and Izana having been family, alongside their now deceased older brother Sano Shuichiro.

Commencing The Kanto Incident

Takemichi Kisaki Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku

Another major plot thread that will be covered in the Tenjiku Arc, is Kisaki’s desire to destroy Sano Manjiro (Mikey), and the Tokyo Manji Gang, for having kicked him out due to his scheming during the Christmas Showdown Arc. While he served as the main antagonist in the initial arcs of the story, his removal from Toman was supposed to create a future where the group would not stray down the path of violence, and prevent the death of Hinata Tachibana, but this was to no avail.

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Currently, Kisaki seems hell-bent on destroying those he believes to be his oppressors, and has now turned his attention to Izana as the focus of his manipulation, as a means to use his strength to take down Mikey. With the formidable strength at his disposal, Kisaki, Izana, and Tenjiku have declared war on Toman, to battle for bragging rights. Whether Kisaki’s scheming and underhanded methods will prevail once again is a question that many will want to see answered in the upcoming season, as well as his role in steering Toman toward a darker direction in the future, despite having been kicked out of the gang.

Simultaneously, Mikey himself seems to be undergoing a drastic change in character, as he sets out on the path which will eventually lead him to kill all of his closest comrades, as seen in the previous loop. From the footage in the trailer, there appears to be some link between this decision, Izana’s actions with Tenjiku, and the death of his brother Shinichiro, whose bike is also featured prominently in the trailer. Lastly, Takemichi will also have to confront a figure from his past in the upcoming battle, adding to the list of obstacles preventing him from realizing the ideal future he so desires. All this and more will likely be explored in the season, which will see the Tokyo Manji Gang face their greatest battle yet.

Breaching Uncharted Territory

Izana Mikey Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku

With Season 3 set to cover the longest story arc in the manga as a whole, most fans of the series will be wondering how it can all be accommodated within one cour of 12-13 episodes. Considering the fact that Season 2 aired earlier this year, there has been very little in terms of a buffer period between releases, which lowers the likelihood of a full two-cour season with 20 or more episodes. The probability of the arc being split into two separate single cour releases is a more plausible prospect at the moment, although fans will be hoping to receive more information on this as the season airs.

Much like previous seasons, this installment in the series will be produced by Liden Films, with Koichi Hatsumi returning to direct. The personnel involved in giving voice to the characters of Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc remains relatively unchanged, with the addition of a few new voices who will give life to the new characters from Tenjiku.

In many ways, this is a crucial point in the story, where interpersonal dynamics between the main, as well as the entire structure of the Tokyo Manji Gang, will undergo a massive shift, setting the stage for the final chapter of the series. The series will be available for streaming on Disney+ worldwide after it airs on MBS and TV Tokyo in Japan.

Tokyo Revengers season 1 is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, while season 2 can be found on Disney+.

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