F*** This Trophy: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

While trophy looking has abeen a long-time favourite exercise for our crew member Jada Griffin, getting that candy Platinum is not at all times what it is cracked as much as be. Once shortly, a Platinum could possibly be probably the most satisfying factor to pursue as you play a sport naturally, however generally, they are often absolute nightmares. RNG has not been pleasant to Jada, so on this week’s F This Trophy, we speak about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and simply how painful it truly is to platinum.



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  1. It's not hard to get the platinum if you know what you are doing. It took me a few days to get the platinum on reunion. You can just stay afk if you set it up properly and get those so called "rng" trophys In matter of minutes. You guys have litterly written a guide about this afk strategy.

  2. That was actually easy, the really hard trophy is "treasure hunter" from final fantasy XIII where you need to have Held every Single piece of equipment in the game, which is damn hard, specially since there are missable gear AND you need lots of gil to get some. So that meant looots of grinding for platinum ingots which can be Sold for lots of gil.

  3. deffinitely one those modern takes just want everything to over simplified and easy to get.
    it's an achievement of course some might takes skill and some is luck that's how achievement has been made for years.
    idk why IGN published this takes tbh

  4. basically any trophy that makes you have to complete a 2nd play through of a 30-100 hr game on a harder difficulty that unlocks after you complete it on the first play through

  5. Classic ign people who barely know how to play the games they play. Takes a max of 2 hours once you have everything ready to go. Literally takes 5 seconds to Google a guide that saves you hours to even days of time. Big yikes.

  6. Lol you Gotta be kidding me that Trophy is so easy to get lol (this is why people laugh at video games journalist because there not gamers) so it took her 12 hours to get the trophy so basically she got it just by beating the game, if she really did!!! You literally could’ve bought the material for that DMV and got a trophy in like five minutes. You didn’t get it because you didn’t know what you were doing

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