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In at present’s Entertainment Fix:Ezra Miller has reportedly returned for The Flash reshoots. According to The Wrap, the troubled Justice League star has returned to the set of The Flash following an apology for their latest conduct. After Nintendo premiered the trailer for its upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie in a Direct at present, followers had been fast to note that Mario’s voice sounded fairly much like Chris Pratt’s regular voice. However, a couple of followers seen that Mario’s voice within the trailer’s French dub sounds much more much like that of Mario’s authentic voice actor, Charles Martinet. Finally, Bowser might probably get away into music in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.


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  1. So the man kidnaps a teenager and holds her hostage pretty much and points a gun at her family and assaults multiple people over the course of a few years and this dude is still allowed to be the flash and isn't in jail……. was this movie created by winestien and funded by epstien ?

  2. WB is right up there with Twitch and Youtube. Always making the wrong decisions when the fans are telling them otherwise. Let’s fire Johnny Depp for ACCUSATIONS but let’s keep Ezra Miller even after he BROKE THE LAW a handful of times. What a joke of a company.

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