Evil West Review

Evil West reviewed by David Jagneaux on PC, additionally obtainable on PlayStation and Xbox.

This refreshing blast from the previous from the developer of Shadow Warrior 3 nails a very powerful elements of its old-school, vampire-hunting motion. The fight is clean and its weapon choices are ludicrously entertaining, however low enemy selection and overly related stage layouts can develop considerably monotonous after some time. This is way from probably the most complicated or progressive motion shooter, however sometimes you simply need to have some enjoyable smashing in monster skulls.



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  1. So after endlessly whingeing about the "repetitive, predictable and unoriginal" gameplay, you somehow ended up "not caring" because you were apparently "enjoying killing monsters so much anyway". Contrary to say the least. Make your mind up, sunshine.

  2. The fact this game is full price is a crime. It looks fun. But not 90$ Canadian fun for me. Ill pick it up after a very steep sale at around 20$ to 30$ eventually. But if there is no replayability beyond the story mode or any incentive to play again, its a hard pass from me.

  3. Who cares about story in these games tho. These games are meant to be fun with alot of action. After a long day at work, not everyone wants a game like The Witcher 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2.

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