Epic Games Fined More than Half a Billion Over Fortnite's 'Unfair' Microtransactions – IGN Daily Fix

On as we speak’s IGN The Daily Fix:

Epic Games should pay $520 million over “design tricks…to dupe millions of players into making unintentional purchases” in Fortnite, the Federal Trade Commission introduced as we speak. CD Projekt Red has launched a hotfix for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC to deal with the problems created with the launch of its 4.0 subsequent gen replace. Finally, initially launched in 2015, Valve’s Steam Controller was discontinued after 4 years. But after the Steam Deck’s latest success, it is probably that Valve may revive the controller within the close to future.

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  1. Hope Epic has to refund all purchases by people under 13 and not just give these funds to the FTC. Probably lots of struggling parents that could use those funds back in their pocket not the governments.

  2. It’s funny and a shame other companies aren’t also taking a big hit like this. Morel of the story don’t let your kids get near credit card or throw money at them learn to just say no and discipline them correctly

  3. SONY'S finally buy square ENIX, capcom & all Japanese gaming division's too. Rights hands as usual..
    Playstation studios RULES already too.

    Plus EA MK STUDIOS, BATMAN IP & KENA studio's too thanks SONY'S mission accomplished as usual.

  4. Interesting how the ftc will actually do there job to protect children but yet nothing to stop publishers from releasing broken games, the rising costs as well as the othe MTX in other video games.

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