Emongg predicts Doomfist shall be meta tank in Overwatch 2 after Season 2 replace

The Overwatch 2 meta underwent an enormous shake-up within the Season 2 replace, and one of many largest winners was Doomfist, who went from being a situational choose to a meta powerhouse due to some hefty buffs.

You can learn all of the Overwatch Hero adjustments right here.

But whereas all of this sounds good on paper, Jeff “Emongg” Anderson examined it, and after doing so, he’s satisfied the menacing tank will turn into the meta choose this season.

Screengrab through Blizzard Entertainment

“When you right-click now, no matter what, it stuns them for a little bit. Even without an Empowered Rocket Punch,” he mentioned in a YouTube video on Dec. 7.

“So, that’s one of the major changes. No matter what, Doom is going to stun now. Is it a long time? No. But it makes Doom so much better!”

Emongg additionally praised the Power Block buffs, which makes Doomfist a lot tankier, and when paired with the assured Rocket Punch stun, he thinks it’s an enormous enhance to the hero.

The factor that obtained him excited probably the most, although, was the Ultimate. “Let me show you the ultimate,” he mentioned gleefully. “So, as you can see right now I don’t have a charge punch. Watch this. Notice anything? Not only are they slowed for three seconds down instead of two, you get a charge punch now for your Ultimate.

“So, the ultimate was more of an escape for a while. Now you can actually use it more aggressively because you can stun them right away or go into a hard punch, and that will keep them stunned for a while!”

For that motive, the previous San Francisco star turned streamer is satisfied Doomfist goes to be “be one of the better tanks in the season,” and it’ll make his choose charge soar.

It’s an fascinating time for Overwatch 2 gamers—particularly those that most important Doomfist, because the new meta continues to be within the early formation phases.

Will Emongg’s prediction find yourself being true, or will there be a good higher Overwatch 2 hero within the tank position? We’ll discover out as soon as the season actually will get into gear!

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