‘Elden Ring’ mod marathon taking place over the next week

An Elden Ring mod marathon – or modathon – is taking place over the next week, with money prizes up for grabs in every of the contest’s classes.

Running from July 15 to 22, a prize pool of $1,000 (round £850) is obtainable between three classes. Modders want to ensure no matter they create matches right into a class, and that it’s made in the seven day timeframe.

A YouTube video from LeKevDev outlines the competitors, with the occasion hoping to spark “creativity, learning and growth for the modding community.”

There are three mod classes in complete: $250 (round £210) is on provide for “most cursed,” one other $250 for “best reskin,” and $500 (round £420) for “game changer.”

“Most cursed” focuses on nonsensical mechanics and uncanny imagery, with gamers inspired to interchange in-game enemies and property to create absurd situations, like the Thomas The Tank Engine mod that reskins the dragons in Skyrim.

“Best reskin” is all about altering the characters, enemies and landscapes of Elden Ring to characterize one other sport solely. The video reveals the participant pores and skin modified to Geralt from The Wither 3, and a mod that modifications the UI and characters to be these from Persona 5.

The final class is “game changer,” which can see modders essentially change Elden Ring by way of its mechanics and moment-to-moment gameplay.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware

Competitors are suggested to restrict the scope of their venture, with the brief turnaround time of only a week which means there’s solely a lot that may be achieved. That mentioned, all modders are additionally informed to submit one thing even when it isn’t completed. Those keen on seeing extra of the Elden Ring marathon or taking half ought to be a part of the related Discord.

In different information, the UK authorities has issued the video games trade with a warning over loot packing containers, saying laws shall be put in locations if youngsters aren’t higher protected.

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