Earthblade Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

Celeste creator Maddy Makes Games confirmed off their follow-up to the critically acclaimed recreation; the Metroidvania-style Earthblade. The recreation options Celete’s traditional pixel-art look as you discover it is sprawling world and melancholic tone.


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  1. Trouble is literally the only reason I liked celeste so much (I'm not a fan of 2d platformers outside of it) was the dash mechanic, and all the different ways you could use it, replenish it etc.
    So a game that basically just looks like a celeste-graphics-style metroidvania isn't really my thing. But I'll keep an eye on it.

    Mostly on the music 0_0

  2. 1:061:16

    me: "Question; What am I looking at?"

    Great looking Video Game; It looks original in my eyes…

    Like: oh, [Overall] HADES and Shovel Knight dated, fell out, but Still had a child…. (But, you still can't tell who the father is?)
    {Does that make any sense?}

    12.9.22, F.

  3. For some reason the first shot made me think this would be some fantasy rpg, which I wasn't really interested in. I skipped ahead a bit just incase and realized that it was a pixel 2d platformer, which resparked my interest. Then I rewinded and saw that it was made by the creators of Celeste, so now I have to play this game.

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