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Erethea, the seventh witch of everlasting winter, calls out for warfare. To deliver concerning the Lost Dragon’s Paradise, Drakania begins her flight of destruction! The Destroyer of Ynix has, ultimately, unfold her wings and strikes to snuff out the god-killing flame.

Combat video of Drakania Awakening

Drakania unfurls her shackled wings and dons her new twin spears. With this new weapon, Trion, Drakania spares nobody. The trusting velocity of her raging wind spear, mixed with the damaging energy of her blazing hearth spear permits Drakania to ship devastating assaults at an excellent quicker tempo! Thanks to Erethea’s energy, Drakania also can swap between completely different assault states.

In her Hexeblood state, additionally thought-about her human kind, each Trion spears are wielded to stab and slash enemies with velocity and precision. While in her Dragonblood state, nonetheless, the Trion spear in her left takes the form of a dragon’s horn to unleash extra power-based assaults and defenses.


Unfolding her hidden wings additionally permits Drakania to soar greater than ever earlier than, and to deliver the complete weight of her assaults down on enemies beneath. With wings unleashed, Drakania could glide freely as soon as extra as she exchanges blows with anybody that will stand in her approach.

It’s time to rise and take to the skies! Come, and start the flight of destruction in direction of the Lost Dragon’s Paradise! Drakania Awakening comes Today.

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