Dragonflight: Step Foot into the Magnificence of the Ohn’Ahran Plains

Ohn'ahran Plains

Ohn’ahran Plains

On your persevering with adventures via Dragonflight and the Dragon Isles, you’ll step foot into the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Named after the Wild God of the Wind, Ohn’ahra, it is a viridescent grassland that rise gently upward from the Waking Shores, with mellow hills and steppes worn easy by wind and river. This area boasts outstanding and dramatic elevations that grow to be extra mountainous, and geysers are alive with erupting columns of boiling steam.

Once residence to the inexperienced dragonflight, nature thrives in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Magnificent, lush greenery abounds, and calm waters circulate via the Emerald Gardens, an space alive with pure marvel drawn from the magic of the Emerald Dream.

The endlessly open plains are considerable with life, and the panorama is dotted with singing stones.

Adventure Lies Ahead in the Dungeons of the Ohn’ahran Plains

The Nokhud Offensive

After Clan Nokhud captured the historic eagle spirit, Ohn’ahra, civil conflict unfold throughout the Ohn’ahran plains like wildfire. To the different clans, Ohn’ahra is greater than a mere spirit: she is their goddess. Primalists summon elemental forces, and necromancers command the spirits of legendary centaur. Beset by enemies, the different Maruuk clans rally. The Nokhud tyrant, Balakar Khan, watches from afar, bellowing instructions. Relentless enemy offenses will proceed till his forces submit. The battlefield awaits.

  • Granyth: Granyth casts his shadow over the plains of Ohn’ahra showing as an omen of loss of life and destruction. As battles between centaur clans rage throughout the plains, he is aware of it’s time to destroy his historic enemies as soon as and for all. Soon he’ll land on the battlefield. Clan Shikaar’s ballistae can be prepared.
  • The Raging Tempest: Violent storm winds that ravage the plains of Ohn’ahra have coalesced into an avatar of the storm. The Raging Tempest continues to collect energy to devastate not solely the plains of Ohn’ahra, however ultimately the entirety of the Dragon Isles. Unless champions can defeat the stormcasters and dispel their relentless elemental, Primalist chaos will reign on the plains.
  • Teera and Maruuk: Ukhel necromancers are resurrecting legendary centaur. The spirits of the first matriarch, Teera, and the centaur’s biggest warrior, Maruuk have risen from their graves. Once their furty has abated, maybe they’ll discover relaxation once more…and everlasting peace.
  • Balakar Khan: Balakar Khan is the ruthless and mighty chief of the Nokhud clan. His stormcasters have captured the nice eagle spirit Ohn’ahra, and he desires to grab the Windmother’s energy. Hatred unites his clan towards all “outsiders.” As the relentless offensive continues, somebody should stand as much as this tyrant.

Ohn’ahran’s Denizens and Wildlife

Vast plateaus and mesas are residence to the rising clans of centaurs, every a singular tradition unto itself and masters of completely different specialties. The centaur clans are deeply linked to the land, sustaining their traditions, and people looking for to help can earn their belief.

This area is teeming with life. High grasses encompass watering holes that attract giant wildlife that present ample prey for the hungry proto-dragons hovering via the skies. Here are some of the creatures you may occur upon in your travels.





Blue Hornstrider

Blue Hornstrider

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See you in the Dragon Isles!

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