Dragonflight: Return to the Forbidden Reach

With the defeat of Raszageth secured, a brand new alternative to hunt out and discover solutions concerning the dracthyr Evokers and their historical past arises throughout the Forbidden Reach. This max-level expertise introduces new bosses and goals, further storms, new loot, and extra.

Welcome to Morqut Village on the Morqut Islet

Every journey in a brand new land has a place to begin, and yours will start on the Morqut Islet. You’ll discover a wide range of distributors and quest givers able to ship you in your first adventures throughout the Forbidden Reach.

You’ll wish to maintain your eye out for treasures and Bonus Objectives as you discover the mysteries of the Forbidden Reach. You by no means know what intriguing new gadgets you’ll discover and who will wish to reward you for them.

Faction Envoys

Choose between the Dragonscale Expedition, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur, and Valdrakken Accord to assist every day to earn a ten% fame enhance for that faction. Envoys will sometimes supply quests for additional fame and Elemental Overflow to spend on the Envoy merchants for brand spanking new rewards akin to 4 new Dragonriding customizations, the Buckie battle pet, and the Noble Bruffalon mount.

New Treasures

Zskera Vault

The sport is afoot and there’s treasure to be discovered within the Zskera Vault. Players will have the ability to enter a randomized treasure room to hunt out the puzzles, monsters, and mysteries inside. Each vault is exclusive to your character and obtainable to finish till the subsequent weekly reset. You’ll additionally have the ability to undertake a brand new vault quest every week from black dragon Voraxian, which is able to lead you thru some long-buried historical past.

Keys Please

Pathfinder Jeb and Pathfinder Tacha will enable you to begin your foray into the vault and supply your first 6 Zskera Vault Key however to realize entry to extra doorways throughout the vault, you’ll want to look extra of the Forbidden Reach to search out them.

Each door throughout the vault would require its personal key to realize entry. Keys are Bind on Account so may be simply utilized by your alternate characters to proceed your progress by the Vaults.

The Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones

When you first enterprise into the Zskera Vaults, you’ll uncover a quest for  an “Unusual Ring.” Delivering the ring to Researcher Imareth at Morqut Village will reward you with the Onyx Annulet. An experiment by Neltharion, you’ll be able to infuse the Annulet with the ability of the weather by socketing as much as three Primordial Stones. These Primordial Stones may be discovered as you uncover treasures within the vaults. Every mixture offers new and attention-grabbing synergies between them permitting you to create attention-grabbing outcomes to help you thru the Forbidden Reach and past.

Here are two examples:

Humming Arcane Stone

Primordial Stone

Item Level 405-425

Binds when picked up

Unique Equipped

Humming Arcane Stone

Equip: Dealing Magic injury has an opportunity to fireside Arcane missiles for every Primordial Stone household you will have outfitted, every dealing Arcane injury.

Storm Infused Stone

Primordial Stone

Item Level 405-424

Binds when picked up


Storm Infused Stone

Equip: Critically hanging an enemy has an opportunity to shock them and a couple of close by enemies, dealing Nature injury.

Primordial Stones may be crushed into fragments and repurposed into an merchandise to improve your favourite stones (by your native jewelcrafter.) You also can use these fragments to buy newer stones from Researcher Imareth. While you’ll be able to’t purchase particular stones, they arrive in households, so to goal those you need.

Don’t fear about shedding the Primordial Stones you’ve socketed. They may be swapped out for different stones with out being destroyed.

New Event: Mega-Storm

The affect of Raszageth’s escape continues to be keenly felt close to her jail, and Primal Storms consisting of the various parts, proceed to besiege the realm exterior her jail. Completing these storm occasions rewards adventurers with upgraded storms gear. You’ll additionally accumulate Elemental Overflow as you interact with the Forbidden Reach’s mysteries and creatures. Elemental Overflow may be exchanged for gear on the Morqut Islet or Mythressa in Valdrakken.

New Dragonriding Races

Take to the skies and soar by six new races throughout the Forbidden Reach. You’ll additionally acquire entry to some new Dragonriding skills alongside the best way. Be ready for slightly hazard as you make your manner by the programs—the sky isn’t yours alone.

New Pet Battles

Meet up with a Pet Battlemaster within the Forbidden Reach to undertake a brand new problem and acquire some new battle pets alongside the best way.

New Pet Storms

Remnants of the Storms are channeling energy—defeat their minions and weaken them to assert them to your personal! By defeating Storm-Touched pets, you’ll have the ability to weaken, defeat, and seize new elemental pets so as to add to your Battle Pet assortment.

Adventure Awaits

You simply by no means know who you’ll meet as you journey by the Forbidden Reach. Proceed with warning or it’s possible you’ll meet your destiny with among the harmful denizens who’ve arrange within the Reach.

Whether the Zskera Vaults and their mysteries name to you, studying extra concerning the mysterious dracthyr Evoker, or dealing with difficult new foes, we stay up for seeing you within the Forbidden Reach.

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