Dragonflight: Major Factions Overview

Valdrakken is the shining capital of the Dragon Isles. Here, the Valdrakken Accord has been fashioned by the unified dragonflights and represents the would possibly of all dragonkind working harmoniously to hold out their orders. The dragons’ latest return has seen the Accord’s consideration shift nearer to house. Still, with the in a position help of allies new to their shores, they may once more rise to pursue their foundational aim, aiding the dragonflights in defending Azeroth.

Earn a reputation with the Valdrakken Accord by finishing numerous Supply and Crafting quests, Work Orders, Dragon Isles exploration, and Dragonriding races to get specialization factors and distinctive supplies. Completing the weekly Supply and Crafting quests will earn you some Reputation with the Valdrakken Accord. And the completion of Supply quests will provide some Reputation for the faction immediately impacted by your help.

Wait, Dragonriding races?

Yes! Put your wings to the check and Race by means of the skies to make a reputation for your self. Aside from the respect and Renown you achieve from the Valdrakken Accord, you’ll additionally earn drake customization choices, titles, a battle pet, and extra. To study extra about turning into a Dragonrider and ascending to new heights, learn our article on Dragonriding

Choosing sides was by no means extra rewarding. Assist the black dragonflights whereas additionally constructing Reputation and Renown with Valdrakken Accord. Decide to assist Wrathion or Sabellian’s declare to the throne on the Obsidian Citadel for entry to a number of rewards, just like the Black Scales look for all 4 dragonriding mounts, transmogs, and the Armoire of Endless Cloaks toy from Wrathion. Ultimately, you’ll be capable of assist each leaders, however select one every week for a giant bonus and a follow-up quest.


Does Wrathion have your assist?

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