Diablo IV Armor Breakdown Full Presentation

Learn extra from Meng Song the lead methods designer on how Armor works in Diablo 4. He breaks down the way it works as you degree, how bodily and magic reductions work, and the way enemy armor works as effectively.

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  1. Homie in the middle look like the whole world about to know Diablo 4 will be a pay-to-win whale of a game and he’ll have to explain 100,000 times how it somehow makes the game better.

  2. Basic rule of thumb for their itemization for D4. Green arrow = good, Red arrow = bad….. It's going to be BASIC itemization everyone. Don't get your hopes up that it'll be on D2's level.

  3. Armor makes you take less damage so as you progress through the game and get more armor the less damage you will take from the monsters, to balance this we made the monsters hit progressively harder as you get into higher levels……..Sounds good!

  4. Blizzard is so fricken lazy. I know the formula has worked on the past, but they literally have changed NOTHING in four games. The angles are the same, the combat is the same, the graphics are basically an HD upgrade. It’s almost like just buying Madden every year, except they take a longer hiatus before they release games

  5. Q. Is it possible to adjust the transparency of the world map?

    Q. Are the developers of Blizzard Diablo 4 ready to add a button to change the view of the game screen camera?

    Q. I'm curious if Diablo 4 will have the ability to cast drag skills.

  6. people could be normal not to buy things in the game. henceforth the game will die, people will leave because you buggers feed blizzard. Updates are coming to the game that will make the game even more complicated. Those who buy, sit for hours in the game, it's just terrible to see how normal people who try not to buy things in the game can't reach the end, the endgame is unattainable for them, it's been seen in mmo rpgs for years and not only mmo, rpgs but in every game. Every game that comes out just dies, but if you start buying some kind of items all the time. Then when those who don't buy don't get far, get stuck and leave the game, it's actually sad. Stop buying all kinds of things, maybe we'll keep a lot of cheaters inside so that in the future they'll understand that it's pointless to feed the game if others don't want it. Afterwards they cry why and why. Why keep buggers in the game who ruin everything by buying. Of course, big money moves. We hope that it won't happen in diablo 4, but I'm afraid it will.

  7. that's some good info about the damage mitigation and how to absorbs physical and some none physical damage. especially if it's not on the tool tip. I hope it is tho, I don't want to always have to do math to know how much resistance I have lol

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