Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season Two Now Live

Hotfixes added on October 7: 

  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Find Item talent was at all times dropping a Sundering Charm when used on an eligible monster’s corpse.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Assassin’s Lightning Traps weren’t receiving advantages from Sundering Charms.

Update on October 6: Ladder Season Two is now reside for all supported platforms. Give em’ Hell!

Update on October 6: The patch notes denoted in crimson font have gone reside for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Update on October 3: Additional patch notes have been added and are denoted in crimson font. These patch notes are at present reside for PC solely. Once they’re out there for console subsequent week, we’ll replace this weblog and our boards.

Join us across the campfire, hero!

As the flames flicker and crackle, we’re extremely proud to announce that Terror Zones are actually reside in Diablo II: Resurrected. There’s additionally smoke on the horizon—Ladder Season Two and 6 new Sundering Charms will likely be going reside on October 6. Sit again and loosen up as we run by the main points of all the brand new helltastic options coming with this replace.

Quest Log

Terror Zones

Ladder Season Two

Sundering Charms

Patch Notes

Terror Zones

The journey to stage 99 is a celebrated expertise for gamers and fairly the milestone if achieved—a ceremony of passage, even. We need the journey to stage 99 to be accessible to a bigger inhabitants of gamers, provide extra selection apart from repeatedly farming Baal, Diablo, and Nihlathak, and most significantly, stay difficult. This is the place Terror Zones are available in. As we get into particulars, please word that gamers can select to opt-out of Terror Zones if desired.

To unlock the Terror Zones function, you need to defeat Baal per character, per issue utilizing any growth character—current characters which have already fulfilled the necessities will robotically have this function unlocked. Once Ladder Season Two begins, gamers might want to meet the aforementioned necessities to unlock Terror Zones for his or her new ladder characters.

When taking part in a Terror Zone-enabled recreation, each hour, diabolical tremors infused with the Lord of Destruction’s unwavering corruption creep into particular zones, emboldening the monsters inside, and terrorizing them. The monsters in these zones will likely be at the very least two ranges larger than your present stage or their authentic stage, as much as a most per issue. The expertise acquired and the loot dropped by killing a terrorized monster will likely be primarily based on this new stage—terrorized monsters will even grant further expertise factors.

Here are the extent particulars for every monster sort per issue:


  • Standard Monsters: +2 participant stage as much as 45
  • Champion: +4 participant stage as much as 47
  • Unique: +5 participant stage as much as 48


  • Standard Monsters: +2 participant stage as much as 71
  • Champion: +4 participant stage as much as 73
  • Unique: +5 participant stage as much as 74


  • Standard Monsters: +2 participant stage as much as 96
  • Champion: +4 participant stage as much as 98
  • Unique: +5 participant stage as much as 99

The base participant stage used for the above calculations are taken from the creator of the sport. If the host leaves the sport, a brand new participant will likely be chosen for the bottom as soon as the subsequent Terror Zone is introduced. Terror Zone monsters will spawn at their new modified stage or their authentic stage, whichever is larger. Upon coming into a Terror Zone-enabled recreation, you may learn of the present terrorized areas by a message despatched to you by way of the Chat Box. When the time for brand spanking new terrorized zones attracts close to, you’ll be knowledgeable of the approaching adjustments by way of the Chat Box.

In addition, you’ll be knowledgeable that you simply’re coming into a terrorized space by a number of indicators:

  • Unique iconography subsequent to a terrorized monster’s identify
  • On-screen textual content and messaging
  • Special audio cue
  • In-game textual content on the auto-map
  • Unique environmental lighting
  • Ember visible results

Waypoints have additionally acquired some adjustments to help in finding the present Terror Zone:

  • An icon will show on the Waypoint menu subsequent to the Waypoint that’s closest to the present Terror Zone.
  • The Waypoint closest to the present Terror Zone may have its identify displayed in a purple font.

Here’s a whole checklist of all of the zones that may grow to be terrorized:

Act I

Blood Moor and Den of Evil

Cold Plains and The Cave
Burial Grounds, The Crypt, and the Mausoleum
Stony Field
Dark Wood
The Forgotten Tower
Cathedral and Catacombs
The Pit
Moo Moo Farm

Act II


Rocky Waste and Stony Tomb
Dry Hills and Halls of the Dead
Far Oasis
Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple
Arcane Sanctuary
Tal Rasha’s Tombs


Spider Forest and Spider Cavern

Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon

Kurast Bazaar, Ruined Temple, and Disused Fane

Kurast Sewers


Durance of Hate

Act IV

Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair

River of Flame/City of the Damned
Chaos Sanctuary

Act V

Bloody Foothills
Frigid Highlands
Glacial Trail
Crystalline Passage and Frozen River
Arreat Plateau
Nihlathak’s Temple, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, and Halls of Vaught
Ancient’s Way and Icy Cellar
Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, and Worldstone Chamber

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Ladder Season Two

Our first Ladder Season for Diablo II: Resurrected has been an absolute success—adept heroes raced to save lots of Sanctuary, some cementing their identify on the leaderboard, however all of them placing worry into the tormented hearts of their demonic adversaries within the course of.

Ladder Season Two will start on October 6, ushering in a brand new alternative for courageous heroes to race to stage 99 and amass highly effective loot alongside the best way. This will even be the primary Ladder Season with Terror Zones! Can you deal with the elevated ferocity of the Burning Hells, or will you perish underneath their amplified would possibly? We can not wait to see how Terror Zones will affect the leaderboard, or hopefully, enable new gamers the chance to see their identify on it for the primary time.

Ladder Season Two Launch Timing:

North America

October 6, 5:00 p.m. PDT


October 7, 2:00 a.m. CEST


October 7, 9:00 a.m. KST

We’ll additionally introduce six new Sundering Charms with Ladder Season Two, extra details about these may be discovered within the subsequent part.

As it was with the earlier season, Ladder Season Two will function 4 completely different modes:

Version Description
Pre-Expansion Ladder The normal model of Ladder play that encompasses taking part in solely with the unique 4 acts.
Pre-Expansion Hardcore Ladder The hardcore (just one life) model of Ladder play that encompasses taking part in solely with the unique 4 acts.
Ladder The normal model of Ladder play that encompasses taking part in 5 acts, because it consists of the “Lord of Destruction” growth content material.
Hardcore Ladder The hardcore (just one life) model of Ladder play that encompasses taking part in 5 acts, because it consists of the “Lord of Destruction” growth content material.

For these new to Ladder Seasons, you is likely to be questioning what occurs to your Shared Stash loot as soon as the present season ends.

Once Ladder Season One ends, all Ladder characters will likely be transferred to their respective non-ladder group. All objects in that character group’s shared stash go into a brand new Withdraw Only set of Shared Stash tabs, denoted by a test marked Past field. You may have all of Ladder Season Two to withdraw any objects you wish to maintain. When Ladder Season Two ends, this withdraw solely set of stash tabs will likely be overridden with any objects within the Ladder Season Two Shared Stash. Be positive to get any objects out earlier than then or they are going to be without end misplaced!

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New Sundering Charms

In Hell issue, many monsters obtain resistance to particular harm sorts. If their resistance will increase above 100%, that monster is then resistant to a particular harm sort. Because there are solely a handful of how to scale back a monster’s immunity, solely a minute portion of hero builds can efficiently farm all zones in Diablo II: Resurrected. We understand that this may create eventualities the place sure builds are unable to take full benefit of the present Terror Zone, thus lacking out on the expertise features, and most significantly, the enjoyable of those zones.

To promote elevated class construct range, now we have launched six Sundering Charms that enable the participant to interrupt particular monster immunity sorts whereas the allure is of their stock. Once Ladder Season Two begins on October 6, Sundering Charms will likely be a attainable drop for brand spanking new Ladder characters. These new distinctive charms will solely drop from Terrorized monsters of Champion, Unique, Superunique, or Boss issue.

You’ll discover a brand new key phrase under referred to as Sunder. This key phrase implies that if a monster has immunity to a particular harm sort, their resistance will likely be decreased to 95% no matter what their beginning resistance share was—breaking their immunity and permitting harm of that sort to be dealt to them. Sunder is utilized earlier than different resistance lowering modifiers and solely impacts non-players. There is one tradeoff that comes with the Sundering Charms: whereas they scale back a monster’s resistance, additionally they scale back your resistance to the identical aspect, permitting you to obtain extra harm of that sort. The particular p.c that your resistance is decreased by the Sundering Charm will fluctuate per allure, so look out for the charms providing probably the most advantageous percentages to maximise your construct. Any talents granted by a Sundering Charm will even prolong to your pets and summons, so maintain that in thoughts as you improve your character.

The Black Cleft

  • Monster Magic Immunity is Sundered
  • Magic Resist –45% to -65%

The Bone Break

  • Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
  • Physical Damage Received Increased by 10% to 30%

The Cold Rupture

  • Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered
  • Cold Resist –70% to -90%

The Crack of the Heavens

  • Monster Lightning Immunity is Sundered
  • Lightning Resist –70% to -90%

The Flame Rift

  • Monster Fire Immunity is Sundered
  • Fire Resist –70% to -90%

The Rotting Fissure

  • Monster Poison Immunity is Sundered
  • Poison Resist –70% to -90%

Developer’s Note: We have heard a lot of the group’s ideas on how the brand new Sunder Charms work with the sorceresses Cold Mastery skill. Looking on the share of monsters which are chilly immune, the trade-offs of getting to achieve and equip a brand new grand allure, and re-checking our harm output, we really feel the present habits of Cold Mastery isn’t considerably extra highly effective than lots of the different talents affected by Sunder and doesn’t want to alter right now.

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Patch Notes

Gameplay/Quality of Life

  • Added further warning textual content to the mercenary affirmation immediate in case your earlier mercenary nonetheless has objects outfitted.
  • Damage worth for the Paladin’s Thorns aura is now current on the character menu.
  • Dead Finger Mages now reset accurately to their authentic state when revived by Necromancers.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place casting delays might desync at very excessive ping.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place monster distinctive mods had been triggering from one other distinctive mod’s set off. For instance, monsters that had been each lightning and fireplace enchanted created an explosion each time they had been put into hit restoration (Ex: repeatedly hit by Warcry).
  • Fixed a uncommon difficulty the place merchandise names on the bottom would erratically flicker and shift whereas pathing round them.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers and monsters had been capable of stroll by doorways that visually regarded closed.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place sure Rune Words couldn’t be repaired in the identical recreation session they had been created.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place loading a personality on a console that was created on PC was inflicting texture and lighting points on console.
  • Fixed a difficulty that may happen when binding a talent to a multi-key binding (Ex: Ctrl + X, Alt + X) the motion sure to the primary key grew to become unbound from that key.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the sport identify and password weren’t correctly updating and displaying in-game when toggling the setting for exhibiting it.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place updates to statistics, expertise, or quests had been displaying when no updates had been out there.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place hardcore character names weren’t displaying in crimson textual content on the character checklist.
  • Fixed a difficulty with the Legacy Graphics gamble refresh icon containing graphical artifacts and corruption.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place single and dual-wielding fundamental assaults with Claw weapons might have inconsistent assault speeds.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place flags related to earlier characters (Ladder, Hardcore, and Classic) would persist for newly created characters within the Legacy Graphics Character Creation Screen.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the “buy” button legend within the vendor window wouldn’t show on the primary weapons tab.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place sure VFX had been inflicting graphical corruption when preventing Uber Diablo.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Iron Golems might lose the aura granted by the merchandise they had been created with when the Golem was frozen.
  • Chosen recreation settings now persist in foyer recreation creation and filtering fairly than being reset.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Iron Golems created in a earlier recreation would disappear as an alternative of teleporting to you.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place performing a weapon swap throughout a commerce would typically freeze the sport.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place visible results granted by set bonuses would typically toggle on and off.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place environmental screen-space VFX was not taking part in.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Iron Golems summoned by a cost of the talent (Ex: granted by Metalgrid) would disappear when performing a list replace.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Iron Golems created by a charged talent wouldn’t save between video games.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers on console and controller would typically get the red-flash indicator for well being loss whereas performing a list replace.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Horadric Cube couldn’t be quick-dropped if there have been objects in it when taking part in on console or with a controller.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place comparable objects weren’t grouping collectively when auto-populating into the belt whereas utilizing a controller.
  • Fixed numerous points when quick-moving a belt with objects within the further belt slots it gives whereas utilizing a controller.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place you typically could not quick-equip an merchandise that has its requirement met by one other outfitted merchandise.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place an merchandise with requirement reductions would typically nonetheless present as necessities not met when outfitted on a mercenary.
  • Fixed a desync with mana values when the consumption and regeneration of mana occurred in a brief body window.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Quick Cast would typically restore the earlier talent to the flawed mouse button.
  • Act V Dual-Wielding mercenaries now precisely animate two assault swings as an alternative of 1.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place there have been no corresponding Suicide Minion variations of the three visitor Minion variants. These visitor Minions will not visually remodel right into a skeleton and constantly stack explosion harm when whipped by Nihlathak or an Overseer.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Fist of the Heavens might unintentionally be used when it was sure on controller or assigned to left-click on M+KB.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place pets summoned by “chance to cast” expertise on objects would disappear after performing a list replace.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Ravens summoned by charged expertise would disappear after a number of seconds.
  • Necromancer

    • Difficulty penalties for all times drain now apply to the Blood Golem’s assaults.
    • Fixed a difficulty the place Blood Golem was not accurately stealing life from a PvP opponent.

  • Fixed a difficulty the place the experience-sharing calculation for an eight-player social gathering would hardly ever overflow and award much less expertise than regular.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place merchandise labels would stretch and grow to be distorted whereas the character menu was open.
  • Fixed a difficulty that prevented gamers with underscores of their Offline character’s identify from taking part in a recreation.
  • Fixed a difficulty that allowed for character motion whereas in a loading display.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Find Item talent was at all times dropping a Sundering Charm when used on an eligible monster’s corpse.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Assassin’s Lightning Traps weren’t receiving advantages from Sundering Charms.

PC-Specific Fixes

  • Added performance to revoke and undo pal rejection so it’s not a everlasting rejection.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the “/friends list” chat command was being truncated after 256 characters.
  • Removed the flexibility to bind the Print Screen key.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place if the gamers opened chat after dying with Legacy Graphics energetic, all controls stopped functioning.
  • Fixed a difficulty if a linked merchandise in chat exceeded one line, the merchandise was unable to be chosen and proven.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place if a participant entered the foyer, then entered a recreation, the problem choice can be clean upon returning to the foyer.
  • Removed the scroll bar and buttons from the autosuggest menu for chat instructions.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place if a talent was sure, then the important thing was faraway from the talent binding, the unbound talent would nonetheless show with out a binding.
  • Improved the scrolling on the ladder season, ladder sort, and sophistication drop-down within the ladder tab within the on-line foyer.
  • Fixed a tooltip that incorrectly acknowledged “Show game name and password” to accurately state “Show game name.”
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the latency indicator visible within the foyer was off-center.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place if the participant prompts controller mode whereas within the foyer, the latency indicator visible would disappear.
  • Skills can now at all times be set to the left or proper slots, no matter for those who meet the necessities to make use of them.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place rings had been at all times quick-equipped to the right-hand slot, even when the left-hand slot was open.
  • M+KB can now quick-equip and quick-unequip objects to and from their character and mercenary.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place dragging an merchandise onto a mercenary’s portrait was not swapping their at present outfitted merchandise.
  • Text-to-speech now makes use of Voice (put in on Windows) which corresponds to the voice language chosen (Set in Battle.internet launcher).
  • Text-to-speech choice reads out all chat instructions no matter channel.
  • Text-to-speech, when studying an merchandise hyperlink, will now solely learn the merchandise textual content as an alternative of together with numerous numbers and letters.
  • Added an in-game icon to signify mates who’re on-line taking part in Overwatch 2.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place whispering somebody in a unique channel wouldn’t robotically carry the person to the whisper channel with the opposite person.

Console-Specific Fixes

  • Character names are actually accurately proven on the Game Details display.
  • Classic characters can not create a recreation concentrating on any non-classic content material (Ex: Act V) within the Game Creator menu.
  • Updated the icon on the Game Creator menu to additional differentiate from the Search Menu.
  • Updated the magnifying glass icon within the Game List Search to match the textual content coloration.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Ladder Season finish message was incorrectly displaying on the entrance finish.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place connecting a second controller that logs into a unique person would trigger the sport to lose connection.
  • Improved the Ladder leaderboard loading on PS4 / PS5.
  • Fixed a uncommon difficulty the place Unknown might seem in console’s language if language was modified whereas in-game.
  • Fixed a difficulty on Switch the place the search log tab textual content was being minimize off in Italian.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Ladder finish time displayed the time inaccurately.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place dying would disable the Emote Wheel.
  • Closing the stock on controller with an merchandise in your cursor will now attempt to place the merchandise in your stock earlier than dropping it.


  • Updated gender pronoun strings that referred to the participant from “his / her” to the impartial counterpart “their.”
  • Added a prefix for on-line Uber Diablo messages acquired in offline video games.
  • Added localization translations for the automap tooltip.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the utmost gold in-game textual content for Polish, Russian, Mexican Spanish, and Portuguese languages had been exceeding their bounds within the UI.
  • Fixed a wide range of outfitted talent names that had been exceeding their bounds within the UI for the Russian and Polish languages.
  • Removed pointless spacing between tabs on PC within the quest log, waypoints, and participant stash UI screens when taking part in with a controller whereas utilizing the big font choice.
  • Changed the date formatting for Japan to be displayed as Year / Month / Day.
  • Fixed a typo within the Japanese translations for fast equip and unequip to mercenary tooltip.
  • Made further enhancements to localization translations.


  • Fixed a crash on PC that occurred when resizing the shopper window whereas within the foyer.
  • Improved recreation be a part of and recreation create backend request for a smoother participant expertise.
  • Various recreation stability enhancements.

Sundering Charms

  • Conviction and Lower Resist effectiveness will likely be 1/5 efficient even after a Sundering Charm’s utilized results. (This change will go into impact on October 6 as soon as Ladder Season Two begins).

Terror Zones

  • Fixed a difficulty the place the UI wouldn’t correctly show probability to hit towards larger stage Terror Zone monsters.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Terror Zone warning messages had been inconsistently populating.
  • Added a sign subsequent to the automap to tell the participant the place the present Terror Zone is particularly positioned.


We have made some adjustments to reinforce the offline single-player modding expertise. While these adjustments will trigger compatibility points for present offline single-player mods, they’ll enable for additional customization choices for mod builders.

  • Added a brand new file: LevelGroups.txt. This file permits ranges to be grouped collectively for the aim of condensing Terror Zones messages.
  • Added a brand new file: hirelingdesc.txt. This file defines hireling information particular to the monsterclass however not the hireling statblock. Currently it solely controls voice sort.
  • Various mercenary UI attributes are actually modifiable by information. This consists of talent icons, stock slot backgrounds, and sophistication names.
  • New AI parameters have been added to the mercenary’s AI for the aim of eradicating hardcoding. See monai.txt for particulars.
  • Removed hardcoded relationships for beltable objects. Similar objects are actually decided by spell sort for scrolls and merchandise sort for every little thing else.
  • Fixed a crash on controller when utilizing new participant expertise which are listed after the vanilla expertise.


  • “TreasureClass1”, “TreasureClass1(N)”, “TreasureClass1(H)” -> “TreasureClass”, “TreasureClass(N)”, “TreasureClass(H)”
  • “TreasureClass2”, “TreasureClass2(N)”, “TreasureClass2(H)” -> “TreasureClassChamp”, “TreasureClassChamp(N)”, “TreasureClassChamp(H)”
  • “TreasureClass3”, “TreasureClass3(N)”, “TreasureClass3(H)” -> “TreasureClassUnique”, “TreasureClassUnique(N)”, “TreasureClassUnique(H)”
  • “TreasureClass4”, “TreasureClass4(N)”, “TreasureClass4(H)” -> “TreasureClassQuest”, “TreasureClassQuest(N)”, “TreasureClassQuest(H)”
  • “TreasureClassDesecrated”, “TreasureClassChampDesecrated”, “TreasureClassUniqueDesecrated”
  • “TreasureClassDesecrated(N)”, “TreasureClassChampDesecrated(N)”, “TreasureClassUniqueDesecrated(N)”
  • “TreasureClassDesecrated(H)”, “TreasureClassChampDesecrated(H)”, “TreasureClassUniqueDesecrated(H)”


  • “passivestat7”, “passivecalc7”, “passivestat8”, “passivecalc8”, “passivestat9”, “passivecalc9”, “passivestat10”, “passivecalc10”


  • “TC Desecrated”
  • “TC(N) Desecrated”
  • “TC(H) Desecrated”


Save Data Changes

Some adjustments to save lots of information have been made in “ItemStatCost.txt”. If an current single participant mod has edited these values, then their mod’s saves might grow to be corrupted when migrating outdated saves to the brand new save model. It is advisable to create backups of current saves earlier than loading them.

  1. “damageresist” and “magicresist”

    1. Save Bits: 8 -> 9
    2. Save Add: 0 -> 200

  2. “fireresist”, “lightresist”, “coldresist”, and “poisonresist”

    1. Save Bits: 8 -> 9
    2. Save Add: 50 -> 200

Text File Column Changes

Developers of current offline single participant mods can remake their adjustments with the brand new information, or they’ll add the brand new columns earlier than merging.



  • “CannotDesecrate”
  • “NoShldBlock” -> “ShieldBlockOverride”



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Thank You for Playing

Our workforce is extremely grateful on your continued assist and collaboration. Together, now we have efficiently added Terror Zones to Diablo II: Resurrected, injecting new selection into this timeless traditional. We sit up for seeing you proceed to slay demons for a few years to come back!

If you wish to study extra about Diablo II: Resurrected, take a look at our web site, or for real-time updates, observe our official Twitter @Diablo.


We had been flipping by the outdated Diablo II handbook and located this confounding inscription. . .what does all of it imply?

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