Diablo 4 Hands-On Preview: We Played Act 1 and Hit Level 25

We performed over a dozen hours of a preview construct of Diablo 4 that permit us play most of Act 1 and attain character stage 25. It’s actually good, y’all. Watch and discover out why we adore it.

Previewed on PC by Ryan McCaffrey

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  1. Looks like D4 will be full of skills with long cool down periods, in game cosmetic purchases making your loot look redundant, no respecs at end game, need to start over and of course stripped of your freedom to trade in order to stop in game economy.

    Diablo 2 was a diamond in the rough, and D2R is an absolute gem that will still be 100 times better.

    Might as-well just release some expansion packs for LoD, haha.

  2. Do you not have your own recorded footage because of NDA or do you just not record all of your gameplay as a journalist? Serious question, wondering how little professionalism and preparation is required for IGN to allow you to release a review without using your own direct reference material. Additionally, if the gameplay shown in the video isn't yours; whose is it?

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