Destiny 2: Lightfall Review

Destiny 2: Lightfall reviewed by Travis Northup on Xbox Series X/S & PC, additionally obtainable on PlayStation.

Lightfall is a disappointing enlargement with a marketing campaign that falls flat on its face, an underwhelming new vacation spot, and just a few new standout actions to tackle. But Strand and the brand new Tormentor enemy are nice additions to the sandbox, and a few of the endgame actions, together with the raid, are a blast. No doubt Lightfall’s shortcomings are made extra painful by instantly following The Witch Queen and its sturdy post-launch updates.

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  1. But is it truly worse than shadowkeep… Despite it being confusing and very abrupt, the campaign is still probably the third best in D2 behind Forsaken and Witch Queen. We play a game we hate to love… and know historically has been bare bones through each dlc release. The level design and new content provided has been climbing, its definitely 2nd best next to Witch Queen.

  2. To be honest I’m unsure if the strand subclass in new for Titans. The strategies we employ haven’t changed we use the same exotics in the same way at the same times. All in all strand in general 10/10, titan strand 5/10 because it’s powerful

  3. Hard disagree on Neomuna being disappointing. There's diverse indoor and outdoor metropolitan area, a beach/cave area, the return of vex-land, all awesome-looking and fun to explore, and there's a bunch of different public events and little puzzles all over the place. And the lost sectors go way harder than in previous destinations. No idea what more you could have wanted.

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