‘Destiny 2’ cheatsite claims they made the sport extra widespread

Destiny 2 cheat website Aimjunkies has claimed it made the sport extra widespread, hitting again at accusations from Bungie that it has induced “grievous harm” to the title.

In April, Destiny 2 developer Bungie had a lawsuit in opposition to Aimjunkies dismissed from courtroom.

Bungie alleged that AimJunkies was infringing within the developer’s copyright and trademark, in addition to breach of contract, “tortious interference,” and “unjust enrichment,” nonetheless a choose dismissed the copyright claims as Bungie was unable to truly show AimJunkies had copied any work.

However, different parts of the lawsuit remained intact with the studio resubmitting the copyright infringement portion of its case a number of weeks later, claiming AimJunkies “reverse-engineered and copied the software code for Destiny 2” with a view to make its cheat software program.

Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie.
Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie.

According to Torrentfreak, AimJunkies is making ready to defend itself, submitting authorized paperwork to firms like Valve, PayPal, and Google in a bid to get info that it hopes will show that its cheats didn’t trigger injury to Bungie.

In an accompanying press launch, AimJunkies wrote: “Bungie claims that we caused grievous harm to their game when in fact some of their most popular months of player counts and sales were during the time Aimjunkies offered their software products. We believe and intend to gather actionable proof of that and disprove another one of their wild assertions.”

“Do not believe everything you read in their filings, they continued before saying they believed Bungie think “the more shit you throw at the wall, the greater the possibility of something sticking with the court, no matter how ridiculous or absurd it is in the real world.”

“Understand cheating is not illegal and the game companies want to make it illegal because they cannot govern their own players. They are looking to the courts to do what Bungie are impotent to do on their own, even with the vast resources and technologies at their disposal. They would rather suffer death by a thousand cuts then admit this is not the way to fix the problem.”

They went on to say that they’ve “offered to work with Bungie to acquire multiple solutions to their problem.” They go on to say that firstly, they need to “implement our features in a version of their game for distribution, but their pride and bullying mentality prohibits them from thinking out the box. If they did that, would there be a market for our software?”.

In different information, it’s been reported that three people who created and offered cheats for Genshin Impact will serve jail time after developer HoYoverse took authorized motion in opposition to the trio.

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