Demeo Review

Demeo reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PlayStation VR2, PlayStation 5, Meta Quest 2, and PC.

Demeo is a pleasant various to the mechanically engrossing (albeit burdensome) tabletop RPGs and board video games to which it lovingly pays homage. It may not provide the identical width or depth as a real RPG, and it might not fulfill a pen-and-paper purist’s love of making and rising with their very own heroes, however it’s such an enjoyably compact but intelligently riveting expertise that, if you will get previous its occasional bugs, Demeo is a superb introductory sport for anybody who’s fascinated by seeing what D&D or VR is about.

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  1. Definitely spent hours in this game, they even let you tip the board to let you get more comfortable and laid back. It's a nice touch for long sessions. When it's just you and a friend, you can grab two Heroes each, and play a whole round, that's my jam!!

  2. Now we need a game like this but with Warhammer 40K or Fantasy characters.
    Or a strait up DnD dungeon table with everything that comes with it where you can join up and have straight up DnD sessions.

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