Death Stranding 2 Full Presentation with Hideo Kojima | The Game Awards 2022

The Game Awards revealed Death Stranding 2, the sequel to Hideo Kojima’s acclaimed recreation. Hideo Kojima himself took to the stage to joke about not predicting the long run along with his follow-up, in addition to tease the secrets and techniques hidden inside the trailer for followers to find.


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  1. Death Stranding is one of the most incredible video game experiences I've ever had. It was such a unique experience, made even more impactful during the pandemic. I can't wait to see what Kojima's brilliant mind has conjured up for a sequel!

  2. I loved the story, lore, and world he built. I didnt hate the gameplay but I hope there is some more intricate and involved missions in DS2. Not necessarily more combat just more of a reason to be doing what I am doing.

  3. " I didnt want to predict the future so I rewrote it."

    That was friggin hilarious, Kojima prolly got called that Death Stranding was tooo close to the pandemic lockdowns.

  4. There is nobody else like Kojima, he's a storytelling genius and has truly pioneered the way stories are told within video games.

    Kojima is one of those rare few who make games that transcend the definition – it's so close to an interactive human experience that at times, you really left wondering if there's anything quite like it?

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