Death Stranding 2: 7 Gameplay Changes We'd Love to See

There’s no denying Death Stranding is without doubt one of the most original video games ever made. It might not be for everybody, however Hideo Kojima’s mix of cinema-inspired storytelling alongside a singular “Strand” world has undoubtedly left its mark on the gaming group. But as polished as Death Stranding is, nothing is ideal, and there are a listing of issues we would like to see the sequal to a bit in another way, or enhance upon.

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  1. Just started DS1 for the first time and completed 1st episode. Everything seems awesome till now. Running at 60 fps at high settings on my laptop. Hope that the remaining game doesn't get boring.

  2. I’m so ready for another years worth of comments from dipshits who’ve never played the first game or beaten it but still think they’re clever or funny for making walking/running/delivery simulator comments for the 2nd game, which has not even been released yet. 😅

  3. Remove rag doll movement from vehicles in DS2. One thing that stood out and annoyed me the most in DS1 is the terrible rag doll movement of vehicles whenever you hit a rock or were driving over rough ground. The vehicles actually made it more difficult to get to locations than walking some of the time, if you didn't use the built roads obviously or chose smoother routes.

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