Dead Space Remake vs Original – 14 BIGGEST DIFFERENCES

Finding the correct steadiness between remaining devoted to the supply materials and altering issues as much as shock followers tends to be fairly tough for many remakes, and because the remake to the most effective survival horror video games ever made, the strain on the upcoming Dead Space is even larger to ensure that it will get that steadiness proper.

Motive Studio has mentioned on quite a few events that it isn’t going to deviate an excessive amount of from the 2008 unique, particularly the place the primary story beats are involved, besides, the upcoming survival horror title is altering, including, and seeking to enhance lots of issues. Here, we’ll speak about a few of the greatest adjustments between the unique Dead Space and its remake.


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  1. I still see they did not fix the controls. Still moving like a handicapped stick robot with a pole up your ass just so they can do jump scares. First person is real true immersion. 3rd person is following the immersed character like a 3rd wheel. At least give people the option to play first person. It's not that hard, unless you're lazy and/or only are making it for thumb player consolers.

  2. Everyone needs to buy this dead space has to succeed and get sequels I don't want it to be like callisto widely disappointing I loved it but idk ppl these days hate on anything

  3. 4:35 I don't like that change at all! I want to witness the captain's change from the start while I have full control as the original never took the player's control hand away. This change was unnecessary, I should have full control and not be taken into a cutscene. Original Dead Space was based using the ideas of Half-Life style and I don't like where this Remake is taking ideas from stuff like Last of Us not giving the player full control over what's happening in real gaming sequence. Still, I'm looking forward to this Remake and this is just my nitpicking on this part.

  4. I'm from the future. The game is bad mess. With load of bad floaty animations and wonky movements. Glitches and audio issues. Performance is also not great on pc with occasional stuttering and hitching. Changes some memorable moments from original and lacks punch is boss fights. Scored average 6~7.

  5. Super stoked for this remake, but it's driving me nuts that not a single video that mentions the "one shot camera" thing makes no mention of Dead Space 2.

    That game is 99% seamless from start to finish with only one brief flash to white in the first half and one brief camera cut near the end and it doesn't have a single loading screen once you've loaded in.

    Everyone made a big deal about this with God of War 2018, but personally I'd consider Dead Space 2 to be the first game to pull this off.

  6. Anyone taking issue with the remake like Issac's face, Nicole's face, or Kendra's appearance… it's running out of steam. The remake will be a welcome addition to the action adventure survival horror genre. Just be grateful, and you don't have to buy it immediately and just wait for this version to cheapen on sale once every patch and DLCs have rolled out within 1-2 years. Either way, it will be nice to play and compare this to the original and vice versa.

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