Dead Space Remake Endings Explained, And How It Sets Up Dead Space 2 Remake

Let’s say, for a second, that Motive decides to fully upend the story of Dead Space 2 when remaking it. Isaac has to flee confinement on the Sprawl and destroy the recreated Marker created utilizing information in his thoughts. Memory blockers stop him from understanding how he obtained there or what he was doing until that time. However, the massive twist can be that Isaac himself labored with the Sprawl to recreate the Marker and that he is immediately answerable for the outbreak on the station.

This may result in two outcomes. One may see him having second ideas and attempting to halt Convergence, battling his hallucinations of Nicole. The different sees him giving in and spreading the Necromorphs to Earth, maybe the complete Solar System. It can be an unimaginable set-up for a Dead Space 3 remake, which might be a much more drastic remake and fully undo the unique’s occasions. It definitely appears extra doubtless than, say, making a spin-off based mostly on the alternate ending that does not connect with Dead Space 2 in any manner.


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  1. The alternate ending is cool like a Silent Hill 3 "corrupted" ending but, it is there to hype up the Dead Space fans who are waiting for Dead Space 2 Remake
    Isaac is obviously talking to the player and to Nicole at the same time, I think that EA Motive will be building us a surprise as well and that we are going to like it !

  2. What do it matter? EA and Motive will bring in a panel of Dead Space experts who are experts on "EASY" level and then make a decision on the future of Dead Space. I'll just be playing the game, fighting these Things and getting killed in the meantime. Whatever they decide to do is fine with me. However, If I had a preference, I would prefer they remake Dead Space Extraction. That would be great!

  3. What do you mean the alternate ending doesn't have any relation to dead space 2? That's the whole reason issac was brought to titan station in the first place? Was to build markers for the unitologists. So when he says he has to build a little something first, I'm pretty sure thays what he means. And the bluish hue of light with all that unitology symbols? Theres no way that's not a little easter egg

  4. The second ending isn't alternative ending it a epilogue ending the second playthrough is all in isaac mind replaying before he goes insane and he doesn't help gov because no one would work with an insane man so they just take what in his head and the reason he's sane again is because he doesn't remember going insane in the first place he only remember the part before he was jump

  5. I just hope if they do a dead space 3 remake, they would actually be fixing it. Look into what the original plans for it were before EA fucked it up and learn what people commonly hated of the 3rd Dead Space, what they loved, etc.

  6. I loved this dead space remake it was really awesome and tons of fun and personally while I wouldn't be against a remake of 2 personally in my opinion I say leave dead space 2 alone and maybe do a remake of 3 because well out of all the original trilogy of games I think dead space 3 is the one that needs help most of all and could benefit from a remake in my opinion.

  7. The alternate ending could tie into the second game. Isaac built the Marker in Dead Space 2 originally. He was captured and used after the ending of the first game. This story would only imply that Isaac started it out willingly.

    Also: Genesis 26:25 KJV
    "And he builded an altar there, and called upon the name of the LORD, and pitched his tent there: and there Isaac's servants digged a well."

    Given the religious themes in Dead Space I think this fits. Isaac builds a marker, pitches his tent (Nicole refers to going home) but the well part is less obvious. This could be referencing the facility that the marker is built in or the Well is the marker itself and the entities behind the Marker are the ones going to "drink" from it.

  8. I am absolutely loving the remake and hope they do the same with 2 & 3 especially 3 because I feel it needs a real over haul because I felt it was the worst of them and really could use some love.

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