Dead Space Remake – 10 Things You NEED To Know Before You Buy

The authentic Dead Space stays one of many biggest survival horror video games ever made, so it is solely becoming that on this renaissance of the style, we’re getting a full-blown remake of the 2008 basic that is trying higher and higher with every displaying.

More new particulars proceed to emerge on a regular basis, and despite the fact that we have already spoken fairly a bit about Dead Space right here at GamingBolt, there’s nonetheless loads to cowl. To that finish, right here, we’ll be going over just a few extra key issues that you must know concerning the recreation.


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  1. Well…we will see how well the intensity director works but nobody will be able to tell until a second playthrough anyway. I doubt it's going to be that much of a game changer.

    The only thing I don't like is the animations. Isaac walks like he needs to get to a toilet ASAP, and the way his arm jerks back when he shoots the plasma cutter looks weird. Doesn't anyone else agree or is it just me?

    Everything else looks solid and I can't wait to play this!

  2. The devs did exactly what should be done to warrant a full blown re-release of a classic, one which respects the original source material, but at the same time revamps the game and modernizes it to feel current and top notch!

    Everything from the intensity director, to new side content/areas to explore, the refinements in story telling, the small sandbox that the Ishimura has now become and the total overhaul of the technical aspect/one shot direction, gives off vibes of a passionate team who really loves the franchise.

    No game is perfect and quite a few people will complain about looks, age, voices, faces, grey hair, movement, it's all respected (as long as it doesn't promote certain agendas just for the sake of it, a lot of games do stuff like that nowadays and it gets on my nerves!), but if the core experience is Dead Space then that's what matters in the end.

    One more month and we'll all find out. Merry Christmas to some, to others Merry anything!

  3. Complaining about Nicole's look specially when its based in her og model and VA and also matches her age of 40 is honestly just proof of brain rot and that you don't know how women look outside of porn
    Calling it woke just proves you probably have 0 braincells

  4. Why are they making him talk? That was whole point of keeping immersed in the game.

    The lack of talking build tension and always kept you on your feet, this just another game that doesn't need a remaster.

  5. Original Dead Space being my favorite action horror game of all time I like what I've seen so far. I have one nitpick though. And that is that the characters look very different. Nicole looks aged up 30 something years and my boy Isaac doesn't even look like the same person at all. I'll get over it cus like I said it's nitpicky at best. Would have preferred if they looked more similar to their original models though.

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