Dead Space – Official Extended Gameplay Overview

Join Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme for an in-depth sneak peek of the upcoming remake of the sci-fi survival horror recreation. Watch the trailer for a have a look at the reimagined USG Ishimura, together with a have a look at chapter 3, up to date visible constancy, the interconnected ship, the completely different experiences you may have with the depth director that brings added challenges and unpredictability, and extra.

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  1. I'm shocked on how bad the flying animation looks he just stays completely still and barely flows to his next movement. Dead space 2 had better animation than that

  2. If you a survival horror fanatic like myself I’m sure you guys played. Extermination for ps2, Cold fear for ps2, The thing, Obscure aftermath, haunting ground, and Clocktower. Also watch out for the callisto protocol that comes out this December. I’m a fan of all horror games. They just don’t make enough in my opinion

  3. The guy looks like a sci fi knight, it's hard to believe that bladed enemies can harm him other than mentally, maybe you explain it away with how he can take so much damage before dying.

  4. Wonder if there is a dreadful AI system where the enemy stalks and chases you in a wide-open setup. Devs rarely go for this..
    Imagine a highly intelligent Nemesis stalking and hunting you down in
    a wide-open Racoon city setup. That sort of dread.

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