Dead Space: How a Single Scene Was Created – IGN First

Learn how considered one of Dead Space remake’s most horrifying sequences was created. As with each particular person second in each online game, the ultimate result’s the product of individuals working collectively. This IGN First video reveals how a number of individuals throughout a number of completely different departments mixed their expertise to assemble this scene.

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  1. That's really awesome.

    Just a thought:
    when necromorph spits blood on Isaac's face (2:46), it would have been great if player's display (TV) would have get bloody which disappears over time. This is really amps up the tension even more.

  2. This is contrived for the sake of contrivacy, why would the space monster surprise attack a corpse and not issac, he could not possibly know its trunk could not puncture issacs helmet, og dead space version is better, cause you can't stop this horrific event behing a glass pane, and witness horrors, og dead space imerssed you by you being there, free to move and explore while cinematic stuff happens around you, now the devs are worried people will not experience their creations to the fullest, so they create a non interactive scene where you get disconnected from issac rather than a movable free agent. Give us free reign, enough will all of movies, gives us video games.

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