Dead Island 2 Full Showcase – Another Day in HELL.A.

Watch the Dead Island 2 reside motion and gameplay Showcase that includes slayers, zombies, tones of gore, weapons, and visceral melee fight. We’ve rolled out the purple carpet for you – welcome to HELL-A.

LA is in ruins. A lethal virus is spreading and the town is in quarantine. With the navy lengthy gone, observe three fearless survivors of their seek for a secure haven from the outbreak and zombie hordes.

As they roam the supposedly deserted mansion of native videogame and film producer within the Hollywood Hills, they’ll quickly uncover that nowhere is secure in HELL-A.

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  1. No real game play… It will prob be level locked bs like the first one. You know people jumping into your game level 52, while your level 4… With drops that you cannot use or areas you cannot go because your so low level…

  2. I know that people wanted gameplay and including myself as well I was hoping for a 20 mins gameplay video (dunno why devs find it hard to do that these days) but I gotta give them credit for that live action, it was actually fun to watch.

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