Creativity is the essence of discovery: Overwatch 2 Beta Statistical Analysis

Heroes of Overwatch, welcome again!

The second Overwatch 2 beta has ended, and meaning it’s time to speak information–once more! In our earlier beta statistics weblog, we took you behind the scenes to study extra about Overwatch information and statistics like weighted utilization charge, unmirrored win charge, and extra. This information, together with wholesome quantities of participant suggestions, consumer analysis, inside dialogue, and much and many gameplay are the cornerstones of the hero steadiness course of. In this weblog, we’ll be strolling again down that very same street to point out how we used these metrics to tell selections that had been made in the course of the second beta.

The spotlight of the second beta was, in fact, Junker Queen. The design group needed to make sure that she was simply as highly effective because the Queen we noticed in her cinematic, however not so highly effective that she dominated the whole beta. However, Queen wasn’t our solely focus; this beta started with a smorgasbord of hero adjustments, together with a full reimagining of the harm function passive. Finally, this beta was opened to console gamers, which meant guaranteeing that no hero was over or below tuned on all platforms was a chief concern.  

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Before we get too deep into the evaluation, let’s speak in regards to the PC versus Console steadiness break up. Overwatch finds itself in the same state of affairs to different cross-platform titles, the place we now have a playerbase that enjoys our sport on many platforms and with many alternative enter management schemes. This can–and does–create totally different methods that work higher with both a controller or a mouse and keyboard. While there have been variations in win charges for explicit heroes on console versus PC, we had been fairly proud of the general steadiness of heroes all through the beta on each platforms. If something, the win charges of heroes on console platforms had been nearer collectively than on PC! With this in thoughts, for the remainder of this weblog the metrics displayed shall be a mixture of PC and console information, however for all these information fanatics on the market, here’s a desk of unmirrored win charge variations all through the whole beta, break up by PC versus console: 

Hero PC Console Difference
D.Va 43.80% 46.80% 3.00%
Zarya 49.80% 52.80% 3.00%
Orisa 40.80% 43.40% 2.60%
Lucio 52.50% 54.70% 2.20%
Roadhog 44.30% 46.20% 2.00%
Baptiste 43.50% 45.20% 1.70%
Bastion 46.30% 48.00% 1.60%
Sigma 50.30% 51.90% 1.60%
Symmetra 55.40% 57.00% 1.60%
Soldier:76 46.00% 47.50% 1.50%
Torbjorn 55.20% 56.50% 1.20%
Moira 49.20% 50.40% 1.20%
Sojourn 48.60% 49.70% 1.10%
Cassidy 47.40% 48.30% 0.90%
Sombra 45.20% 46.10% 0.90%
Brigitte 54.90% 55.50% 0.60%
Ashe 49.20% 49.60% 0.40%
Wrecking Ball 48.10% 48.40% 0.30%
Tracer 49.00% 49.30% 0.20%
Reaper 48.00% 48.00% 0.00%
Mei 54.80% 54.80% 0.00%
Winston 49.50% 49.50% 0.00%
Widowmaker 51.60% 51.30% -0.30%
Junker Queen 56.10% 55.70% -0.40%
Junkrat 53.30% 53.00% -0.30%
Zenyatta 54.50% 54.20% -0.30%
Mercy 48.80% 48.30% -0.40%
Doomfist 46.80% 46.30% -0.50%
Reinhardt 52.90% 52.20% -0.70%
Hanzo 49.20% 48.10% -1.10%
Echo 48.90% 47.70% -1.20%
Pharah 56.00% 54.20% -1.80%
Genji 54.50% 52.40% -2.10%
Ana 47.50% 44.50% -3.00%

Unmirrored win charge on PC and console– First week of Overwatch 2 beta 

Gauging recognition and energy 

Now, we flip our consideration to the blue-mohawked elephant within the room: Junker Queen. We love the Queen. Outside of perhaps Junkrat, we is perhaps Junker Queen’s largest followers. When the beta launched, we had been as excited to play Junker Queen because the neighborhood. Queen’s efficiency each in utilization charge and win charge was incredible–however she was undoubtedly the all-star of the beta.  

Weighted hero utilization charges– First week of Overwatch 2 beta 

This chart illustrates the relative utilization charge of heroes in comparison with the equilibrium utilization charge for his or her function. You can study extra about weighted utilization charge within the prior stats weblog, however you may consider it as how typically a hero is performed, relative to the variety of heroes in its function. Junker Queen blasted into the Overwatch roster with a whopping 7.5 weighted utilization charge, which means that she was performed greater than seven instances as typically as the typical for the tank function.

This metric is a superb barometer for hero recognition, however this alone isn’t sufficient to point {that a} hero is simply too highly effective. Sojourn, for instance, was almost as standard as Queen on this regard, at greater than 5 weighted utilization charge for a lot of the beta. We anticipated this type of curiosity in Overwatch’s latest heroes, particularly with a bunch of beta individuals in console gamers who hadn’t had the prospect to attempt them out but. If we needed to think about steadiness changes for both hero, we had to have a look at extra than simply their relative recognition. For that process, we examined their unmirrored win charges to get a greater image of their energy degree: 

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