Chainsaw Man Series Premiere Review

Chainsaw Man debuts on Crunchyroll on Oct. 11. Review by Rafael Motamayor.

Chainsaw Man delivers on all fronts with a premiere stuffed with gnarly battle scenes, an extremely bleak story, incredible gallows humor, and one of the fascinating anime protagonists lately. Faithfully adapting the primary chapter of the manga, that is one steel anime episode that totally lives as much as the hype.

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  1. Should've been a 10 πŸ˜„
    Laughed like crazy when this guy said "poachda" numerous times instead of po-chee-ta. Also next time, maybe edit the review so that what is shown is actually all from the episode being discussed, rather than showing one of the trailers that contains scenes from other episodes πŸ™ƒ is a tad confusing lol

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