Call of Duty’s Strongholds are the subsequent battlefield Warzone 2 streamers are arguing over now

Strongholds in Warzone 2 have been divisive ever since they have been introduced forward of its launch. The concept of getting fortresses riddled with AI enemies throughout the map, which then grow to be key targets amongst gamers when activated as a result of loot inside sounded good in principle.

But now it’s in follow, the group is torn over whether or not it’s factor.

Some are calling on the Warzone 2 devs to take away it. They declare it doesn’t add something optimistic to the battle royale expertise regardless of turning into a essential a part of the gameplay loop, and folks aren’t having fun with it.

Streamers have been roped into the controversy too, and so they’re simply as divided as everybody else. Symfuhny, for instance, thinks they’re addition. The 22-year-old star mentioned Strongholds are “actually nice” and “add to the gameplay,” however understands it’s an “unpopular opinion” within the Warzone 2 fandom.

CouRageJD isn’t as smitten by them, however isn’t completely in opposition to them both. “I really don’t mind them,” mentioned the YouTube star. “I just dislike how it’s a never-ending swarm. It feels like the bots are a coin flip. Either the worst ever or the reincarnation of Scump.”

FaZe Testy, nevertheless, went all-in together with his view. He believes the true function of Strongholds is to present dangerous gamers (which he known as bots) an opportunity to “feel better about themselves,” and for that purpose, the devs would by no means take away it.

FaZe Swagg additionally appeared to agree with the thought of eradicating it, though he didn’t elaborate himself.

Strongholds shook up the gameplay loop in Warzone 2 fairly a bit. They give gamers one thing else to do, and the battles over them (and the ensuing loot) is usually a little bit of a curveball.

It’ll be attention-grabbing to see how the builders tweak them within the coming weeks and months (if in any respect) to chill the waters and make them a extra viable addition within the eyes of its greatest critics. 

Removal appears unlikely since they have been marketed as a core new Warzone 2 characteristic, but when the divisiveness continues, something is definitely potential.

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