Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Shipment Map Intel

Operation Shipment

International Waters

Day 47, 00:32

Factions Deployed: SpecGru / KorTac

A bit chaos is sweet for the soul, to not point out the fantastic thing about XP positive factors on a tiny map like Shipment. In this iteration of the fan-favorite traditional, the scene of battle strikes to the excessive seas as SpecGru and KorTac forces face off towards one another amongst stacked containers and crates full of money and illicit items.

No plan survives contact with the enemy, but even on this compact subject there are strategies and methods value contemplating when combating for that victory display screen. Let’s dive in and ideal the basics.  

Spawn Point: KorTac

KorTac Spawn Zone (North) — Bridge Side

While there are designated beginning spawns for each groups, count on these spawns to vary up rapidly as soon as the match commences. KorTac forces start on the Bridge Side within the northeast part, prepared to interrupt south, west, or straight into the center. Whichever route you select, be prepared to have interaction in seconds.

Defensive-minded gamers might select to hold again and anticipate the enemy, utilizing the crates as cowl. You may arrange camp within the japanese pink container to ambush enemy Operators coming off the break, although we advise a extra energetic begin: there’s room for defensive measures later within the match.

Spawn Point: SpecGru

SpecGru Spawn Zone (South) – Drug Stash

SpecGru forces start the match within the southwest nook of the map, additionally positioned close to an open crate offering west-east passage and a close-by half-open crate open solely towards the beginning spawn. The technique for the break is essentially the identical: there are two fundamental paths main north and east, or you may e-book it for the middle straight into the mayhem.

Map Maneuvers: Route Planning

Shipment consists of 4 named areas:

  • Bridge Side
  • Center
  • Drug Stash and Container Stack

Northern Route — Bridge Side

From Bridge Side, Operators should maintain their place towards the onslaught of enemies dashing in from Center and the other facet of the map. Use the money crates and the open northern container for canopy. Shipment veterans will discover a key distinction in comparison with the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® iteration of the map: there’s no climbing up into the next container from this level; on this Shipment, the battle stays on the bottom ground.

Bridge Side’s west finish gives additional cash crates for canopy, however that’s it. Still, even in Shipment’s fixed chaos, these cowl items can imply the distinction between survival and defeat; in goal modes, they conceal you when capturing the target, to not point out offering first rate cowl with simply sufficient room to make slight changes to your place.

Lastly, make use of the 2 blue barrels and the silver crate extending the quilt line towards Center. These provide very important safety when peeking round both nook; this lets you keep and combat or keep away from taking an excessive amount of injury earlier than sidestepping again behind bigger cowl.

Center Route — Center

The eye of the storm. Center is a veritable madhouse, the realm of the map the place essentially the most fixed combating happens. In a number of modes, it’s the positioning of an goal, forcing Operators to take their probabilities. It additionally gives fast entry throughout the map when you can survive the journey.

Unless there may be an goal there, get out of useless heart as quickly as doable, as you’re uncovered on all 4 cardinal instructions; as a substitute, cling again to guard your sides and catch enemies dashing via the center. Watch for the half-open ground-floor container in Center’s northeast nook, a favourite hiding spot for these unwilling to courageous the larger battle. Toss a grenade inside when you suppose there is likely to be an enemy inside.

The half-open containers on the map’s western and japanese boundaries provide ambush factors along with emergency shelter towards explosives and streaks. Don’t linger for too lengthy, or that shelter will turn out to be a useless finish.

Southern Route — Drug Stash, Container Stack

The southern route practically mirrors the north, although with some slight variations. Here, too, a container open on each ends gives west-east passage. Expect a number of exercise across the crates on both facet of it in addition to the close by half-open container, which, whereas technically designated as a part of Center, is commonly utilized by gamers on this part of the map.

Recruit Tactics

Watch My Six!

In all maps and modes, maintaining a tally of the minimap vastly improves your situational consciousness. On Shipment, it might probably assist focus your split-second decision-making when it comes to the place to maneuver subsequent.

Keep an eye fixed in your teammates particularly. Their positions point out buffers within the atmosphere, positions which can be — at the least for the second — seemingly safer to journey via in comparison with different sections of the map. When you’re dashing via an space like Center, even the slightest benefit is value greedy on to.

Up and at ’Em

Getting consistently eradicated? Don’t fear, so is everybody else. On a map this small, it’s going to occur. Thankfully, with some persistence and perseverance, the tide will typically flip so that you just’re the one doing the eliminating. The key right here is to maintain a cool head, to begin every spawn contemporary and able to interact.

Remember that you just don’t need to strategy the match like a hen with its head minimize off; you may nonetheless be tactical, balancing when to maneuver and assault and when to get behind cowl for an advantageous place. It’s nonetheless chaos, albeit managed chaos.

Veteran Tactics

Play the Objective

Yes, even you Call of Duty® veterans want the occasional reminder.

On Shipment, it’s straightforward to get caught up within the whirlwind of battle, particularly whenever you’re slaying. The highest kill depend received’t impress your teammates, nevertheless, when you’ve obtained a measly goal rating and find yourself shedding the match.

When taking part in goal modes, hold your eye on the rating, watch the target place, and ask your self — at the least once in a while — am I doing my half? Your staff will recognize it, and belief us, you’ll nonetheless have loads of alternatives to slay.

Bomb Drone Incoming

The Bomb Drone streak can do a number of injury on Shipment, permitting you to fly towards and detonate over tightly packed teams of enemies, a typical sight right here. It’s additionally a helpful means for dislodging enemies hiding out in containers.

Requiring solely 4 eliminations (or 500 Score when utilizing Scorestreaks), it’s a really achievable streak for all talent ranges. If you’re aiming for larger streaks, nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll wish to use it after your subsequent spawn: your Operator will likely be extremely uncovered whereas piloting the drone.

Prestige Tactics

Drill Those Containers

Having a tough time towards enemy Operators ambushing your staff from inside the map’s open containers? Equip the Drill Charge and toss it into the facet of the container; it’ll simply blast via the skinny partitions. Keep an eye fixed on the opening in case they attempt to escape the incoming explosion. Either manner, they’re out of luck.

Pair your Drill Charge with the Snapshot Grenade or Heartbeat Sensor to raised anticipate when a container must be drilled via. Soon sufficient these campers are certain to see the folly of their methods, forcing them to hitch the battle out within the open.

Just a Scrape

In Shipment, you’ll be combating one Operator after the subsequent, and sometimes you’ll go up towards a number of. Equip Quick Fix as your Ultimate Perk to instantly set off well being regeneration everytime you get rid of an enemy, conserving you in robust combating type even all through intense skirmishes. Throw down a Trophy System subsequent to your place for added protection towards incoming tools and projectiles, forcing them to battle you straight on.

Remember that you just’ll additionally profit from a quicker health-regeneration fee when capturing and holding aims, so get on the purpose and don’t let up.

Objective Routes and Rotations

Mode Intel: Domination

And you thought capturing the B flag was arduous earlier than. Located smack dab in the course of the map, the flag is prone to change arms a number of occasions all through the match. Often, Operators will crouch or lie inclined on the edges of the seize zone, trying to decrease their profile as a lot as doable. Don’t allow them to go unnoticed.

Due to the map’s small measurement, you would possibly select to disregard the B flag when the enemy is throwing all they’ve at it. Instead, deal with taking the A and C flags. They’re extra simply accessible, if even solely by a bit, and it’ll take the stress off Center. When capturing A and C, use the obtainable cowl, going inclined if wanted to make the seize. If you’ve obtained one, throw down a Trophy System.

Keep in thoughts that you just solely want two flags at a time to realize the purpose benefit. Because the flags are positioned so intently to 1 one other, keep versatile when it comes to which flag you’re targeted on. If you retain getting eradicated going after one, skip it in favor of the opposite flags.

Aerial streaks are extremely highly effective on Shipment Domination. Even if the enemy runs for canopy into an open container, you’ll pressure them off the flag, leaving it for the taking. Patience is inspired whenever you entry one among your aerial streaks; whereas it’s tempting to name it in instantly, it’s wiser to carry on to it till it’s good to get to a flag, particularly when the rating is shut.

Mode Intel: Search & Destroy

It’s a complete totally different sport in modes like Search & Destroy, the place there are not any respawns. Though it’s a extra tactical, slower paced affair, it nonetheless helps to be quick off the break, as even the slightest hesitation can depart you uncovered to better-prepared Operators.

On the attacking facet, beginning within the southwest nook, you may go north to the A Bomb Site or east to the B Bomb Site. Note that each websites are simply seen from the defenders’ beginning place within the northeast — on this case, the bomb service might not wish to instantly strategy a Bomb Site, as a substitute specializing in eliminating among the enemy staff earlier than getting into for the plant.

Remember that although it could be tempting to forgo the bomb plant in favor of a complete elimination, planting the bomb remains to be a sound tactic. While the others are busy blasting away, the bomb service can take cowl behind one of many websites and get to work. Once the bomb is ready, it focuses the match on that one level, forcing the enemy to return to you. Spread out, take up defensive positions, and allow them to have it.

As a defender, get inventive with the map’s a number of ambush factors, attacking the enemy staff the place they least count on it. In the subsequent spherical, keep within the open and flank them after they stick their heads in your previous hiding spot. Soon they received’t know the place to look, providing you with the benefit.

For both facet, it’s not a foul concept to guide battles with any grenades available. With a bit luck, there’s a superb likelihood you’ll join, offering a powerful opening to the spherical.

Mode Intel: Hardpoint

Shipment hosts 5 Hardpoints: one within the center plus all 4 corners of the map.

The break for the primary Hardpoint is the hardest. Try to get to the sting of the zone with out positioning your self proper within the center. If your teammates are throwing themselves onto the purpose, take an out of doors place and flank. If your teammates are goal shy, get in there.

Watch for the indicator of the subsequent Hardpoint within the last ten seconds of the present level so you may place your self accordingly. The early rotation is essential in any Hardpoint match, however because of the ease of traversal right here, it’s doubly so.

Pair the Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad Base Perks together with the Trophy System Field Upgrade to up your protection on the purpose, complemented by the Quick Fix Ultimate Perk to hurry up your health-regeneration fee whereas holding the target. For support-minded gamers, select Overclock as a substitute, bettering your Trophy System’s recharge fee and capability.

As with Domination, aerial streaks make a huge impact right here. Just verify the Hardpoint timer earlier than calling it in, lest you try to blast enemies in scrap time when the impact is minimal.

Top Tips

1. Go, go, go! Yes, there are occasions when it is sensible to carry again and anticipate the enemy to return to you, however don’t overdo it. Shipment exemplifies the adage that the most effective protection is an effective offense. The much less predictable your actions, the tougher will probably be to counter them.

2. Desperate? Wedge in. The open crates alongside the north and south boundaries every create a wedge that can be utilized to get out of sight and to ambush enemies shifting via these areas. Think earlier than taking over the place, nevertheless, as you’ve obtained no cowl and nowhere to go however ahead. Use it, land an elimination or two, then transfer on.

3. Long vary works, too. While Shotguns, SMGs, and Assault Rifles are sometimes essentially the most used weapons in Shipment, it doesn’t imply that long-ranged Loadouts received’t be efficient. With correct positioning and timing, you may completely get the benefit over close-ranged gamers; transfer way back to doable in order that they wrestle to land their pictures.

4. Notorious…however alive. Listen, generally you’ve obtained to do what it takes to outlive. If you’re getting annihilated, equip the Overkill Base Perk and choose the Riot Shield alongside together with your Primary Weapon of alternative. The protect will assist defend your again towards assaults, together with offering important cowl when approaching aims. Just watch these rockets and Drill Charges; riot shields have a manner of attracting them.

5. I do that for a dwelling. On this tiny map, you wish to keep away from downtime as a lot as doable. Equip the Fast Hands Bonus Perk to hurry up your reloads, tools use, and weapon swapping, so that when you get entry to the Perk, you’ll be shifting via your actions at lightning velocity.

6. Not so protected and sound. Is an enemy Operator hogging up the containers, staying out of view to ambush you and your teammates? Remember that along with the Drill Charge, armor-piercing rounds can penetrate these supplies, so upset their tenting routine by eliminating them with out ever exhibiting your face.

7. Scrap their intel. Equip the Counter-UAV for a low-cost streak that scrambles the enemy minimap. Better but, deploy it after an opponent has despatched out their UAV, thereby irritating their efforts to realize priceless intel. It’s additionally a stable asset in goal modes previous to a giant push or protection. 

8. Launchers nonetheless appreciated. Though the chaos on the bottom is ever fixed, it’s nonetheless value putting down enemy aerial streaks. Consider taking a Launcher into the map and using the few temporary moments of downtime between engagements to knock out enemy UAVs and different threats. Against floor forces, the RPG-7 can do some good work right here, too.

9. Get mad. Consider utilizing the Battle Rage Field Upgrade, offering quick well being regeneration and resistance to Tactical Equipment. It’s already a reckless map, and with this Field Upgrade, there’s no downtime inserting an object within the atmosphere. Get at ’em.

10. Now do it once more. Besides having fun with Shipment purely for its frenetic gameplay, it’s additionally an incredible map for raking in Weapon XP and ending up these camo challenges. Take benefit of the bounty and your Gunsmith choices will skyrocket.

Stay frosty.

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