Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Overview

Prepare for the Next Era of Multiplayer

Infinity Ward developed a finely tuned, modern Multiplayer expertise for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II.

Continuing the legacy of the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® collection, Modern Warfare® II may have a strong Multiplayer providing at launch, from traditional 6v6 modes and new favorites to the addition of Battle Maps that includes giant participant counts and vehicular fight.

Everything inside this information is what you may count on on day one. This consists of the modes and Playlists you will notice, the areas you can be deployed to throughout Core and Battle Maps, and overviews of three Multiplayer-exclusive ideas: the flexibility to decide on a Perk Package, Field Upgrade, and Killstreaks.

All of that’s constructed across the Modern Warfare II engine, which makes Multiplayer an awesome place to be taught some new ways.

Here is what you are able to do in Multiplayer at launch, beginning with the Playlists you would possibly see in the principle menu:

Game Modes

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer provides two distinct mode classes at launch, based mostly on the kind of map they’re performed on: Core Map modes and Battle Map modes.

Core Map Modes (6v6)

Free-for-All: Eliminate everybody. The first participant to achieve 30 eliminations ends the match, with the highest three performers claiming victory.

Team Deathmatch: Call of Duty® in its purest type. Use teamwork to eradicate enemy gamers and attain the rating restrict. The first group to acquire 75 eliminations wins the match.

Domination: Compete for management of three zones marked by flags — A, B, and C. Captured zones accrue factors over the course of one spherical. The first group to achieve 200 factors wins the match.

Hardpoint: Capture the Hardpoint and maintain it towards assault. The Hardpoint location rotates each minute, with the place of the subsequent Hardpoint being indicated within the final 10 seconds of the earlier zone. The first group to earn 250 factors wins the match.

Headquarters: Work to seize the Headquarters, then dig in and defend. Respawns are disabled for the group that holds the HQ. Once the HQ is taken offline, a brand new zone is designated for the subsequent one. The first group to earn 200 factors wins the match.

Control: Take turns attacking and defending two goals. Each group shares a pool of 30 lives. If the attacking group efficiently takes out one goal, they are going to acquire extra time to finish the second. The defending group can win the spherical by letting the time run out earlier than the goals are taken. Either group can moreover win by eliminating all 30 lives of the opposite group. The first group to win three rounds wins the match.

Prisoner Rescue: Locate the hostages and get them out alive or forestall their extraction in any respect prices. No respawns. Team revives are enabled. The Attackers should discover two hostages and carry them both out or shield on the extraction level – every hostage is value 100 factors. Defenders should forestall their extraction in any respect prices and maintain them collectively of their spawn space till the spherical’s timer expires –  every hostage not carried nor captured by the attackers are value 50 factors. The first group to earn 500 factors wins the match.

Knock Out: Both groups struggle over a bag of Cash situated within the center of the map. No respawns. Team revives are enabled. Run over the Cash to seize it. The group that holds the bag on the finish of the spherical or that eliminates the complete enemy group wins the spherical. The first group to take 5 rounds wins the match.

Search & Destroy: Teams take turns defending and destroying an goal. No respawning. Attackers win a spherical by eliminating all defenders earlier than or after the bomb is planted, or efficiently planting a bomb and having it explode. Defenders win a spherical by eliminating all attackers earlier than the bomb is planted, by not permitting the bomb to be planted inside the spherical’s time restrict, or by defusing the bomb as soon as it’s planted. The first group to take six rounds wins the match.

Battle Map Modes (Up to 32v32)

Ground War: Two groups, every composed of 32 gamers, sq. off to seize an odd quantity of goals on a big map. This is a supersized model of Domination, together with autos for epic brawls. The first group to earn 250 factors wins the match.

Ground War Invasion: An enormous chaotic battle with a mixture of gamers and AI preventing alongside one another. Utilize autos, Killstreak crates, and armored brokers to realize the benefit over your opponent. The first group to achieve 2,000 factors wins the match.

General Mode and Playlist Notes

Some modes finish on a rating restrict, whereas others finish when the match timer runs out. In these circumstances, the group with the upper rating wins the match. Other sport mode issues embrace the next:

Featured: Featured sport modes change recurrently, with Playlists usually centered on new maps and modes. Variations of normal maps and modes might also apply right here.

Quick Play: Get right into a match quick with your personal personalised Playlist. Use the Quick Play filter to pick out your favourite sport modes. From then on, Quick Play will seek for all accessible matches in these modes. Change your settings at any time so as to add or take away modes from the search.

Tier 1: A Tier 1 Playlist is designated inside a Playlist’s title and provides a tougher expertise in comparison with conventional Multiplayer. Operators have much less well being and restricted HUD components, and pleasant fireplace is on. These components are constant in all sport modes that help the Tier 1 variant.

Third-Person Mode: Get a brand new perspective in Modern Warfare II’s Third-Person Playlists. In this mode, the digicam is ready again over the shoulder of your Operator. This provides extra perspective in your general environment in alternate for much less depth of subject in entrance of you. It’s nice for seeing your Operator in motion and giving a distinct really feel to the usual first-person view.

Core Maps and Battle Maps

Modern Warfare II options two map sorts: Core Maps and Battle Maps. These maps are grouped into one of three classes: Al Mazrah, Las Almas, and the Rest of the World.

Al Mazrah: Maps on this class are based mostly on places in Al Mazrah, a metropolitan space and its outskirts inside the Republic of Adal serving as the principle area for Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0. Several Core and Battle Maps will likely be based mostly on locales from this area, making Multiplayer an awesome mode to get accustomed to their factors of curiosity and energy positions.

Las Almas: A significant space of curiosity within the Modern Warfare II Campaign, Las Almas is a Central American area that can host a range of Core and Battle Maps.

Rest of the World: The closing class of maps takes place in areas outdoors of Al Mazrah and Las Almas for a glimpse at what’s occurring in different areas of the world.

Core Maps help conventional 6v6 play whereas Battle Maps help as much as 32v32.

Perk Packages

Innovating on the Perk system, Modern Warfare II introduces Perk Packages, that are outfitted as half of a Multiplayer Loadout.

Each Package consists of 4 Perks: Two Base Perks plus one Bonus Perk and one Ultimate Perk. Operators start every match with their two Base Perks, unlocking the Bonus and Ultimate Perks over time, with eliminations and assists, plus goal and tactical performs that assist to unlock them extra rapidly. The extra energetic you might be in a match, the earlier you’ll have your full stack of 4 Perks.

The Perks you’ll see at launch with their unique results (that are topic to alter post-launch) are as follows:

Base Perks

Overkill: Carry two major weapons.

Double Time: Double the length of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch motion velocity by 30%.

Battle Hardened: Reduce the impact of enemy Flash, Stun, EMP, Gas Grenades, and Shock Sticks. Immune to Snapshot Grenades.

Scavenger: Resupply ammo and throwing knives from lifeless gamers.

Bomb Squad.: Take decreased injury from non-Killstreak explosives. Reset fuse timers when choosing up dwell grenades.

Tracker: Enemies go away behind a footprint path, and enemy dying markers are seen. Kill markers are hidden from the enemy group.

Strong Arm: Throw gear farther and see a preview of the trajectory.

Extra Tactical: Spawn with a further Tactical.

Bonus Perks

Resupply: Spawn with a further Lethal. Equipment recharges over 25 seconds.

Spotter: Spot enemy gear, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks by means of partitions. Aiming down sights highlights them for the group. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4s, and Trophy Systems.

Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by AI focusing on programs and thermal optics. Does not set off High Alert warning. Does not spotlight in enemy Tactical Cameras, Recon Drones, and Spotter Scopes.

Fast Hands: Reload, use gear, and swap weapons quicker.

Hardline: Reduce Killstreak value by one elimination. Reduce Scorestreak value by 125.

Focus: Reduce flinch when aiming down sights and prolong Hold Breath length.

Ultimate Perks

High Alert: Vision pulses when noticed by an enemy participant outdoors of view.

Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors.

Quick Fix: Eliminating gamers instantly triggers well being regeneration. Capturing and holding goals will increase well being regeneration fee.

Overclock: Store a further Field Upgrade cost and enhance Field Upgrade cost fee by 40%. ON-EARN: Get a Field Upgrade Charge.

Survivor: On dying, enter Last Stand with the flexibility to self-revive as soon as per life. Teammates can revive downed gamers quicker.

Bird’s Eye: The minimap is zoomed out. UAV and Radar pings reveal the enemy’s path. ON-EARN: Activates one native UAV sweep.

Try out some of the sport’s premade Perk Packages to get a style of completely different Perk combos or create your personal after leveling as much as Rank 4 for a extra personalised choice.

Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are invaluable instruments that provide an array of strategic benefits. They cost over time all through the match, with some charging quicker or slower relying on their utility and energy.

At Rank 45, you’ll get the choice to equip two Field Upgrades on the value of a sluggish recharge fee on every.

Tactical Camera: Remote-controlled digicam that marks enemies. Connect to it instantly or set it by itself the place it emits a warning sound upon detecting close by enemies.

Inflatable Decoy: Proximity activated decoy mine. Upon activation, the decoy is quickly deployed to confuse and distract enemy Operators. It can be manually activated to idiot enemies into attacking it on sight.

DDoS: A DDoS assault deactivates electronics and disrupts enemy sensors within the speedy space for a short while. Solid in goal modes the place tons of Field Upgrades will likely be positioned round key zones. Great synergy with the Spotter Bonus Perk.

Deployable Cover: Portable, quickly deployable ballistic cowl. When caught within the center of nowhere with nothing to cover behind, this protect could save your life. Great on open goals, or each time a heavier weapon, similar to an LMG, must be mounted for correct fireplace.

Trophy System: Deployable autonomous protection system that destroys as much as three incoming items of gear and projectiles. Some bigger targets could take a number of pictures. A lifesaver on goals and in inside areas the place grenades can come flying by means of openings in droves. Can even be placed on autos to have it act as a deterrent for rockets and different gear items.

Dead Silence: Temporarily makes your footsteps silent. Gun, melee, and throwing knife kills refresh length. An ideal match for stealth Loadouts.

Munitions Box: Deploy a field of ammo and gear for you and your teammates. Ideally utilized in protected territory for squadmates to resupply. However, in a pinch, it’s invaluable in any state of affairs the place you might be out of bullets and gear.

Loadout Drop: Call in a team-based Loadout crate with restricted makes use of. Each participant can use it solely as soon as. Ideal for swapping Loadouts midlife, getting an additional Primary Weapon with out burning a Basic Perk for Overkill, or simply being variety to Operators. Great in Ground War when Operators are anticipated to dwell longer lives and swap roles because the scenario calls for.

Portable Radar: Emits a periodic radar ping to detect close by enemies. Increased utility on smaller maps or in goal sport modes the place the radar’s small protection can observe necessary zones. Synergizes nicely with the Bird’s Eye Ultimate Perk.

Tactical Insertion: Marks a location as your subsequent spawn level. A boon on Ground War maps the place the deployable areas are removed from an goal, or on different maps to shock enemies from behind their traces. Note that the Tactical Insertion doesn’t operate in one-life modes.

Battle Rage: Experimental stimulant that provides Operators an adrenaline rush. Health regenerates rapidly, Tactical gear is resisted, and Tactical Sprint is continually refreshed. Great for aggressive Operators who wish to rush headfirst into engagements.

Recon Drone: Remote-controlled drone that has guide and auto marking capabilities. Another useful gizmo for communicative Operators. Try strapping a C4 to this for a makeshift Bomb Drone.

Smoke Airdrop: Call in a line of drones to deploy a smoke wall at a focused location. A sniper’s nightmare except they’ve the means to see by means of it.

Suppression Mine: Trip mine that, when triggered, emits a continuing sound wave that disrupts enemy imaginative and prescient and slows their motion. Strong round goals, down lengthy hallways, and in infantry-only modes.

Anti-Armor Rounds: Grants weapon ammo that applies bonus injury towards armored targets; this consists of autos, gear, physique armor, and targets behind penetrable cowl. Phenomenal in Ground War the place autos roam alongside Operators. Great synergy with the Spotter Bonus Perk and with any mid- to long-range high-caliber weapon, similar to a Battle Rifle, LMG, or Sniper Rifle.


In Multiplayer, separate to a Loadout, it’s also possible to select three Killstreaks to take into the match, every requiring a sure streak of eliminations to deploy.

Getting eradicated units your streak again to zero. Modern Warfare II moreover provides the selection to make use of a Scorestreak system as an alternative, utilizing earned rating as an alternative of eliminations to trace your progress. Again, when eradicated, your Scorestreak progress is reset to zero.

Only one Killstreak/Scorestreak inside the similar class (requiring the identical quantity of eliminations or rating) will be chosen.

4 Kills / 500 Score

UAV: Upon activation, the UAV flies excessive above the playable area, revealing enemy places on the minimap each few seconds for all squad members till it must refuel. It then stops sweeping for places and rapidly flies away.

Bomb Drone: A remote-controlled drone with an hooked up C4 cost. After activating the Bomb Drone, it may be flown wherever within the playable space. Its C4 cost will be detonated manually, or it robotically detonates if the drone runs out of gas, whether it is shot, or if it hits water.

Bomb Drones are handiest towards tightly packed teams or as a deterrent close to goals. Its secondary use case is as an intel-gathering device, because the on-board digicam permits its consumer to name out enemies in its view.

5 Kills / 625 Score

Counter UAV: A drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps. As the title suggests, this drone is a direct foil to the UAV, in addition to different instruments that use the minimap to show data. Like the UAV, the Counter UAV flies above the playable space and will be shot down throughout its length.

Cluster Mine: Throw a tool that launches a cluster of smaller mines inside the speedy space. Once set, it is going to robotically detect enemy gamers inside a brief radius. The blast is barely greater than a deadly gear explosion, making it attainable to wipe out a small group of tightly packed enemies.

Care Package: After activating this Killstreak, your Operator will get a Care Package marker to throw or place down. Once it’s positioned, a helicopter will fly over and drop a package deal on the marked spot. Care Packages comprise one of any normal Killstreak that’s not one other Care Package or Emergency Airdrop. The odds are weighted towards “less expensive” Killstreaks, similar to UAVs and Bomb Drones, however it’s attainable to drag Gunships, Advanced UAVs, and even Juggernaut fits from a Care Package.

Any Killstreak earned by means of a Care Package will likely be saved within the “fourth Killstreak slot” on your Operator.

6 Kills / 750 Score

Precision Airstrike: Use a Spotter Scope to designate a goal space for bombardment. Mark the world and two jets will swoop down in succession, raining down gunfire utilizing the most effective accessible path. The Precision Airstrike’s path is decided by masking probably the most playable space whereas avoiding something that will block flight, similar to a constructing. These jets fly by rapidly sufficient to keep away from most anti-Killstreak know-how, similar to Launchers.

Cruise Missile: Upon activation, your Operator will launch a Cruise Missile through pill and launch it from its air service. While airborne, the missile will be steered and accelerated through its built-in enhance operate. Enemy Operators with out the Cold-Blooded Perk will seem with a purple icon for assisted focusing on.

Mortar Strike: Mark a goal location with the laser pointer to sign a number of waves of mortars to assault the world. The Mortar Strike is nice for clearing out and suppressing a small zone like an goal or an necessary pathway on the map. Don’t get caught within the bombardment.

7 Kills / 875 Score

Sentry Gun: An AI-controlled weapon, the Sentry Gun scans for close by enemies as soon as it’s positioned, firing incendiary rounds at anybody inside 90 levels to the left or proper of its unique place. Once it’s deployed, its deployer can decide it up – throughout this state, if the deployer dies, the Sentry is misplaced.

SAE: The SAE is sort of a tremendous Precision Airstrike, because it has a further jet and the flexibility to manage the trail of every strike. There is a slight delay between when the jets are referred to as in and once they make affect, however even with that small window, the SAE is a comparatively correct triple strike.

8 Kills / 1,000 Score

VTOL Jet: Releases bombs in a line on the chosen level earlier than circling again and guarding a location of the participant’s selection. Once it returns, its fast-firing, high-caliber turret can simply eradicate enemies, making it a real defensive powerhouse or a powerful offensive device to name in earlier than advancing to an space. The VTOL Jet can transfer to a distinct space if its Operator chooses; search for an on-screen immediate to redirect its patrol space.

Overwatch Helo: This drone shares offensive components with the Attack Helicopter from earlier video games, besides that it follows comparatively intently behind your Operator and pings enemy places. Consider the Overwatch Helo like a buddy from above; will probably be useful in calling out close by enemies and might even eradicate just a few as soon as it does so.

Wheelson-HS: Remote managed amphibious automobile with auto-sentry capabilities. The HS mannequin of the Wheelson is up to date to incorporate a extra highly effective mini-turret and the flexibility to drift on water. It can both be manually piloted or, after initially mentioning its controls through pill, set to a stationary autopilot mode.

10 Kills / 1,250 Score

Stealth Bomber: Call in a bomber that releases a big line of explosives alongside its path with out warning. The sheer quantity of firepower is sufficient to blanket most maps with explosions, which makes discovering substantial inside cowl the one method of avoiding this Killstreak.

Chopper Gunner: Control an assault chopper armed with a turret and air-to-ground missiles. While controlling the Chopper Gunner’s motion, fireplace away with its high-caliber cannon rounds and several other rockets. In phrases of protection, the Chopper Gunner’s hull can stand up to just a few rockets and has flares to discourage auto-targeting threats. The built-in imaginative and prescient system will be switched to thermal mode, highlighting enemies by their warmth signature.

Emergency Airdrop

Dropped by a rope system that is tied to the identical helicopter as the conventional care package deal.  Three crates will likely be delivered collectively by the identical helicopter. These Care Packages are functionally much like common Care Packages in each method. Act quick and be beneficiant together with your group to scoop up all of the random Killstreaks inside these packages, lest they fall into the improper fingers.

12 Kills / 1,500 Score

Gunship: A heavy assault gunship outfitted with a laser monitoring missile together with 40 mm and 25 mm cannons. The laser monitoring missile can wipe out different Killstreaks, Vehicles, or giant teams of enemies. The 40 mm cannon is ideal for peppering Killstreaks, Vehicles, and goals if the missile is just not accessible, and the 25 mm cannon is greatest used towards particular person targets. Utilize the built-in thermal sight to detect enemy Operators through their warmth signatures.

Advanced UAV: An untargetable orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s path on the minimap in actual time for you and your allies. This is energetic for so long as a normal UAV. Because this Killstreak is excessive worth, it might be value utilizing after dying in the course of the subsequent life. That method, the intel can be utilized to re-earn this Killstreak and others.

15 Kills / 1,875 Score

Juggernaut: Once earned, the Juggernaut Care Package marker will be dropped wherever on the map like a normal Care Package. Capture it to grow to be the Juggernaut, a super-soldier with unbelievable well being and armor that may solely be downed with tons of headshots or sustained explosive barrages. With the swimsuit comes a minigun, which turns into accessible to be used after the Juggernaut perishes, a surefire energy weapon in anybody’s fingers.

New Tactics: Learn Aquatic Maneuvers, Ledge Hanging, and More in Multiplayer

Multiplayer is a superb coaching floor for studying some new mechanics in Modern Warfare II, together with the next.

Aquatic Maneuvers: Modern Warfare II introduces water-based motion and fight, including a brand new layer of technique as you incorporate aquatic environments within the map. Plunge in and swim as much as an unsuspecting enemy or take a dive once you’ve received enemy Operators scorching in your tail.

If the battle strikes underwater, you’re not out of luck. Operators can fireplace their sidearms and use sure gear whereas submerged, however be aware that your weapon’s projectile will likely be affected by the water’s density, so modify your goal accordingly.

Ledge Hang: When mantling up onto sure ledges, your Operator will likely be given the choice to make use of the brand new Ledge Hang potential. This lets you peek over the sting with out absolutely exposing your place. Your Operator can fireplace their sidearm whereas peeking till they run out of ammo; from that time, you may both full the mantle motion to go up and over the ledge or drop again right down to reposition.

Modern Warfare II Launches October 28

Time is operating out to get pre-purchase rewards for Modern Warfare II.

Players who digitally pre-purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II can nonetheless get early entry to the Campaign and play the Campaign now earlier than the sport launches on October 28*. Players who pre-purchase the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare II will obtain this profit plus the Red Team 141 Operator Pack, FJX Cinder Weapon Vault**, Season 01 Battle Pass, and 50 Tier Skips***.


Order your copy right this moment at

Stay frosty.

**Weapon Vault design restricted to Weapon Vault contents at launch.

Battle Pass and Tier skips, or equal variations, will likely be accessible in Modern Warfare II as soon as the season 1 Battle Pass, or equal system, is made accessible in sport. Battle Pass redemption applies to at least one season of Modern Warfare II Battle Pass, or equal system solely. For extra data, please go to

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