Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Review

Modern Warfare 2 had massive sneakers to fill, however the marketing campaign consists of a big serving of nostalgia and a enjoyable number of missions making it a worthy rebooted sequel.

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  1. This campaign was good overall. The only mission that really frustrated me was "Alone". I kept wondering if I was playing hitman or something. Other than that though, no problems on Xbox Series X. Great visuals and in my opinion a better MW2 story.

  2. I miss more large scale combat gameplay. Going too far into 007 territory. Too many sneaking and sniping missions. Also just too much story telling in my opinion. I just want some big cinematic battles to engage in, not watch a movie. Cuts replay value massively.

  3. I was in a room in the second mission trying to open a locked door when an AI closed the door I opened just behind me, chucked a grenade though a hole in the door an ran off really surprised me

  4. Man, I found this campaign really disappointing. Weak villain, almost no memorable missions, incredibly predictable plot, no Roach, Sheperd and Shadow Company were super underwhelming, poorly executed and under-baked scavenge/survive mechanic, lame vehicle sections with very gamey-feeling driving and jumping between cars etc. MW1 felt superior in pretty much every way.

    The only really decent thing was the main character and their banter.

  5. It was a disjointed mess. Cool & interesting settings/missions too short (Amsterdam). Some way too long (convoy).
    It’s like the devs had ideas they just wanted to stitch together…
    MW19 campaign was so much better. This felt directionless and clueless. So disappointing
    Oh and ghosts mask is ridiculous, makes him look like the kid who got the early bus to school.

  6. I feel like this was reviewing CoD as if it was a period drama and not a video game lol. I don't really care about who the reviewer wished was there or how the characters felt; is the game fun?

  7. The car chase mission was easily one of the most annoying and dragged out missions I've ever played in a game. 🤷🏻

    Apart from that mission I've enjoyed the campaign so far.

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