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On right this moment’s IGN The Daily Fix:
Phil Spencer confirms in an interview that Microsoft will maintain releasing Call of Duty on PlayStation indefinitely. Spencer additionally has admitted it has been too lengthy since a significant first social gathering unique sport landed on the Xbox Series X and S. Finally, Marvel has entered an settlement with FIFA and Battlefield writer EA to make three video video games primarily based on the Marvel comics.

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  1. Is it just me or is Narz on leave a lot? This sort of trend was seen when some of the other daily fix hosts were getting ready to leave permanently.

  2. How sad it is that the only ip Activision owns that's relevant enough to affect fair trade, at least as far as Sony and the UK FTC commission are concerned, is COD?
    Blizzard is officially b-tier now.

  3. Xbox would be crazy to take COD off Sony because they will lose billions. Xbox is smart tho because they will sell COD for $70 on Sony but free on Xbox Gamepass if you subscribe or buy a xbox 😎also they will probably start remastering old cod games

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