Bungie hits alleged ‘Destiny 2’ copyright fraudster with £6.2million lawsuit

Bungie has filed a lawsuit searching for £6.2million in damages towards the person allegedly chargeable for a bunch of fraudulent Destiny 2 copyright takedowns issued in Bungie’s identify again in March.

In a court docket submitting (by way of PCGamesN), submitted on June 22, Bungie alleges that YouTuber Lord Nazo, actual identify Nicholas Minor, was chargeable for a “malicious campaign to serve fraudulent takedown notices.”

Bungie is referring to a sequence of fraudulent takedown notices that have been issued within the firm’s identify in March 2022, inflicting a bunch of distinguished Destiny 2 content material creators to have their movies taken down by YouTube.

The firm alleges that after Minor’s personal YouTube channel was despatched a reliable takedown discover from Bungie over a soundtrack video, Minor retaliated by creating a number of pretend e-mail addresses which have been made to seem like they belonged to Bungie’s model protector, CSC Global.

According to the lawsuit, Minor proceeded to make use of these pretend e-mail addresses to submit 96 separate takedown notices aimed toward Destiny 2 YouTubers. At the identical time, Minor unfold disinformation concerning the takedowns by his Lord Nazo YouTube channel.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie.

These occasions brought on Bungie “significant reputational and economic damage” and required the developer commit “significant internal resources to addressing”. In regards to wreck, Bungie outlined the results of the fraudulent takedowns beneath:

“The Destiny community was bewildered and upset, believing that Bungie had reneged on a promise to allow players to build their own streaming communities and YouTube channels on Destiny 2 content. Destiny community members were also misled to believe that Bungie’s brand protection agent was also fraudulent, causing confusion among users as to the authenticity of legitimate DMCA notices.”

In response, Bungie’s lawsuit seeks £6.2million in damages from Minor and goals to “demonstrate that serious consequences await anyone else foolish enough to volunteer as a defendant by targeting Bungie’s community for attack.”

Last week, Destiny 2 cheat creators agreed to pay Bungie £10.7million to settle a separate lawsuit from the corporate.

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