Black Voices in Gaming Event 2023

Black Voices in Games continues on February 27 at 10am PT by highlighting the achievements of these working throughout the gaming business. Join Derrick Fields and Destinee Cleveland as they current one other proficient group of inventive black voices. Find out about the way forward for gaming in addition to those that are main the way in which within the business.


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  1. Steam chat for this stream was gold. Proud of Steam community! Lets just say kfc was a topic of discussion in the chat. Chat in here/twitch was censored, but not the steam stream chat 🙂

  2. Oh there's a perfect statement that goes with the hatred towards this video.

    "To those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression." Couldn't be said better.

  3. Just like Women's History Month, and just like with Pride Month, IGN's userbase goes mask off and decides to be terrible people.

    At this point, IGN needs to lay a banhammer on these twats.

  4. So when is the award show just for white creators? The ones that have broken out of their terrible neighborhoods, broken all the barriers in their way, and triumphed despite all the odds stacked against them. Or maybe an award show and or showcase of, just great games? Have something based completely on merit and greatness of a creation

  5. It's interesting to see everytime they do this the comments get upset that ign tries to elevate black creators. Like it really isn't that big of a deal it's black history month it's not going to kill you guys to just let us have this

  6. And as expected, only a matter of time before non-white representation is complained about, because they can't be happy with 96% of their video game being content being white-centric. No, they gotta have the full 100, in black history month no less. Sounds about white. The toxic gaming environment continues.

  7. Very insightful interviews about working in the industry esp for those interested in VO work, course the racists have to appear and whine about how they are not getting attention and not even watching said video when its doing no one any harm

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