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The Black Adam spoilers have hit the Internet, and The Rock has confirmed an look of one in all the DCEU’s most well-known caped superheroes. In an interview with ET, Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson alluded to the return of Superman with out explicitly saying. Black Adam spoilers have hit the net, with the Black Adam publish-credit score scene throughout social media. #BlackAdam is gearing up to reshape the #DCEU. Also in at the moment’s leisure information, a serious time leap is coming to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and there’s one thing new occurring right here at IGN: IGN Rewards.

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  1. If this movie makes a billion dollars and the people who spend every hour of every day whining on Twitter about their precious Snyderverse actually show up for it and put their money where their mouths are (unlike what they did for the Snydercut) the likelihood of WB or their new owners making a Man of Steel 2 or a Justice league sequel starring Cavil, Affleck and Gadot goes up significantly. If it bombs, which tracking seems to suggest it will, and they get a "diverse and inclusive" Justice League reboot in 2025, then they only have themselves to blame.

  2. And if he didn't Grace Randolph had you covered and made sure to ruin it.

    Also Rock's ex-wife is Henry's agent/manager so probably was more an issue in making Warner Bros get over themselves.

  3. Nothing was spoiled imo. People rumored that the scene from the trailers was an outro of him talking to Superman and those rumors were spot on. But it does show how predictable things are and this still isn't the movie to care about. It's what comes after. (Plus Im still highly skeptical of Dwayne as this character)

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