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Looks like James Cameron shall be transferring away from having Jake Sully narrate the Avatar movies, along with his son Lo’ak stepping as much as tackle the mantle within the movies to return. #Avatar 3 will doubtless see his son step up and keep on the story for the viewing viewers. In different information, the Hollywood Reporter just lately reported that Late-night host Stephen Colbert is taking up considered one of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy books. And lastly, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are coming again with a brand new Netflix particular that’ll see some returning faces to Angel Grove.


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  1. Kinda sad, first movie worked so hard to make Jake super important character for Pandora. He and Neytiri were supposed to be "chosen ones" and now… He's just a side character likely getting killed of in the next movie:(

  2. They’re completely moving away from the heart and soul that makes avatar and that’s Jake and neytiri, they are the glue to the story. it was too early to sideline them in the second film to prop up the kids, the second film was really missing them. You have basically three more films to develop the children at least let the initial trilogy be about Jake’s story before branching out.

  3. He's going to listen to the fans of the series and then completely ignore the fans by making that guy the narrator. The guy who constantly ignores what his father says putting everybody's life in danger. That's the guy that we want to know more about and want to see more of

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