Atomic Heart PS5 Graphics Analysis – A Next-Gen Marvel?

Developer Mundfish actually wowed us players with the primary glimpse of Atomic Heart, a recreation that’s as a lot of its personal factor as it’s a thunderous throwback to immersive sim classics like Bioshock. On high of getting some whacky artwork course and improbable gameplay, Atomic Heart can be a recreation that doesn’t fail to impress on a visible degree as properly.

Atomic Heart can be Mundfish’s debut title, and the workforce of builders has executed a improbable job with this venture which has a degree of constancy on par with most AAA video games. To that finish, we current an entire graphics evaluation for Atomic Heart.

A Note: We made a mistake by stating that ray tracing is out there on the PC model. Turns out that’s not the case but.


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  1. Why are you trying to sell the false image that this game is a "PS5 game"?
    This is a multiplat, also on Xbox and launch day title on Xbox Gamepass. How much does Sony pay you to do their misleading marketing?

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