Atomic Heart | Official 4K Gameplay Overview Trailer

Check out this 8 minute overview of brand name new gameplay footage from Atomic Heart, the brand new cinematic shooter that shines not just for its fight however for its intrigue, setting, characters and deep mechanics!

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  1. That’s a lot of exposition dumping, trailers could have been better written. Say by showing scenes or using dialogue, or just increasing the amount ballerina bot scenes… sorry what was I saying? Ah yes, exposition dump -> bad.

  2. If today's gaming world has told us anything its that this will release extremely buggy, receive conflicting reviews and will come with a massive day 1 patch with the dev's promising us that they will rectify and address these issues down the line………………………my hopes and wallet are ready

  3. Seems like this game will bloom or wilt on the strength of the enemy a.i. it looks fantastic and it's not hard to make puzzles engaging, but that won't be enough by itself. Really genuinely got my fingers crossed for this one

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